Oil Discovery in Pakistan: Experts Reject the Claims


Experts are rejecting the highlighted news of claims of gas and oil discovery in Pakistan. Their reserves were known to be one of Asia’s largest and in the World. It was a piece of widespread news around the Social Media boasting around the country, raising the hopes of people within the destined premises. However, the Petroleum Divisional Authorities are still looking for the reason for this major announcement. The reserves were found in the sea and there is a need of almost 5,500 meters of drilling under the sea to dig them.

The Petroleum Authorities are clueless as Imran Khan announced on Saturday that the Country has found the biggest Oil reserves in Asia. After the digging till 3,700 meters the probability which was already 19% is reduced. A top official said while reporting to the media that there is no chance of this major discovery. Before this digging, a total of 4,900 meters was done, which was later, stopped because of the unsafe calamities during the operation and a big amount of mud loss. The digging to find this is done on the KEKRA-1 well.


The well is operated by ENI, Exxon Mobile, OGDCL, Pakistan Petroleum Limited and are in the joint venture. The startup of the project is $75-80m million, each with a 25 per cent share. When asked about the project from Irtiza Syed, CEO of ExxonMobil to which he did not respond and shared that the ENI should be asked about the total briefings. But when asked ENI’s country representative Kamran Mian to which he responded by no ability to share about the exploration activities of the project.

Ever since about the rumours, a total of 17 projects of digging are done on the well. Former drilling Engineer of OGDCL shared that due to the high pressure on the upper side and the too much mud on the lower side of the mud. The first side of the tracking stopped at 3,100 meters because of the aforementioned reasons but sidetracking continued the digging till 3,700 meters

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