office timings for ramadan, ramadan 2019

In the recent announcement, the Federal Government has announced the office timings for Ramadan 2019, which is most likely to begin as expected from May 7th.

A notification has been issued by the Prime Minister House that there will be different Office Timings for Ramadan 2019.

Offices that are working five days a week, their timings would be from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM from Monday to Thursday.

Offices that are running six days a week will follow the schedule of 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM from Mondays to Thursday and Saturday.

During the Friday, all offices should be closed at 1:00 PM.

office timings for ramadan, ramadan 2019

On Monday, Pakistan Meteorological Department issued a statement that the Ramadan 2019 moon is most likely to be sighted on the 6th of May, Monday.

The First Fast of Ramadan 2019 is expected to fall on the 7th of May.

According to the prediction of the Pakistan Meteorological Department, the moon will be crossed at the junctions at 3:45 on May 5 and that there is either no or less likely chance of the moon to be appearing at the 29th of Shaban, as per the astronomical predictions and parameters.

The experts at PMD believed there are less chances for the moon sighting on Sunday because the moon will be just 15 hours and 18 minutes old by the time and a total of seven degrees above the horizon.

However, the moon can be sighted till 7:33 PM on Monday, an official from the met said.

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On the Monday evening, the weather is expected to be either partly cloudy or clear in most parts of the country.

Anyhow, in the most of the Gulf Countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait etc. are most likely to observe their first fast of Ramadan on May 6.


Neighbouring Countries like Bangladesh, India, and Afghanistan will observe their Fast Ramadan same as that of Pakistan.

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