Norway mosque, Al Noor Islamic Center was attacked by a gunman on August 12, 2019, which is located in the Norwegian capital Oslo, Baerum. The Norwegian police has declared this mosque shooting as an attempted act of terror. According to Norwegian authorities and witnesses, the suspect entered the mosque with armor and wearing helmet. Footage of mosque shooting was shown by various channels after it was stopped by 75-year-old member of the congregation.

20-years Old Suspect Killed his 17-years Old Stepsister:

Police described the suspect as a 20-years old white young man who is under custody. He is charged with an act of murder for mosque shooting and injuring 1 person. Police has also charged the suspect in the murder of her 17-years old stepsister. Body of a young was found in some other location after the mosque shooting. This young woman was found dead after the suspect attacked the member of the mosque.

The footage of mosque shooting has also been available after the attacker got arrested. A police spokesman, Rune Skjold said that the 20 year old young man has been accused of murder.

75-year-Old Mohammad Rafiq Stopped the Mosque Shooting:

Luckily, the suspect was then overpowered by a 75-year-old member of the congregation. The Al Noor Islamic Center mosque director Irfan Mushtaq and board of the members witnessed it. Irfan Mushtaq told the Norwegian media that a man who was carrying a shotgun like weapons and pistols entered the mosque.

According to the witnesses, he broke through a glass door and fired shots at the people present inside the mosque. A spokesman said that only three persons were present in the Al Noor mosque at the time of the attack. The three persons were making preparation for Eid-al-Adha following Muslim holidays and it was 4 pm.

The director of the mosque said that if the gunman has arrived earlier, the chances of people got hurt would be higher.

A 75-year-old man named Mohammad Rafiq has been praised for overpowering the attacker and seizing the attacker for hurting more people.


Mohammad Rafiq, a retired Pakistani Air Force officer said that he heard the mass shooting from outside when he opened fire on other two men outside the mosque. Mr. Rafiq then successfully snatched the gun from the suspect and wrestled him and got a few bruises on his eye.

In an interview the retired Pakistani Air Force officer, Mohammad Rafiq told about his struggle with the gunman. He told the media that the gunman put his finger inside his eye.

You can clearly see the bruises on his face as signs of fighting.

Mohammad Rafiq was the only injured man in the Norwegian mosque attack. According to the police, multiple gunshots were fired inside the mosque, but no one struck anyone luckily. Sources said that the other man named Mohamed Iqbal rushed to help Mohammad Rafiq and put down the gunman until the police and authorities reached the attacked spot.

The director of the mosque, Irfan Mushtaq said that they have two heroes today.

Erna Solberg, a Norwegian Prime Minister also reached to the site of a mosque at Oslo. She said that the attack on the Norwegian Muslims is an attack on the Norway and freedom of religion.

Prime Minister of Noway also said that it is a request to all the Norwegian to stand up against the ideology which leads to this attack by young white gunman.

mosque shooting

She added that they are standing shoulder to shoulder with the Norwegian Muslims and they condemn the attack. She said that they ensure the protection of the rights of Muslims in Norway and wished them “Eid Mubarak” as well.

Philip Manshaus, Suspect/Terrorist of Mosque Shooting

(Al Noor Islamic Center, Oslo)

The man who attacked the mosque named Philip Manshaus has a Norwegian background and he lives in the vicinity of the Al-Noor mosque. Police tried to question him about the mosque attack, but he did not want to give any explanation to the police.


According to the acting chief of the police operation named Rune Skjold said that the suspect Philip was known to Norwegian police but he had no previous criminal record.

According to the authorities, the suspect has posted something online hours before he attacked the Al-Noor mosque. In that post, he praised the attack on New Zealand mosques where 50 people were killed by the attacker. The attacker made a live mosque shooting and viral the footage of mosque shooting. The video of that mosque shooting by the terrorist in New Zealand was then removed from different social platforms.

An Online Post Before Suspect Opened Fire:

In his online post the reference was made to the “race war” and he ended the post with the Norwegian phrase “Valhalla venter” which means that “Heaven Awaits”. Mr. Skjold elaborated that the suspect has no previous extremism record, but he was fully prepared for any terrorist act.

This is not the first time Muslims are being attacked in Oslo, Norway. During the year 2011, a man named Anders Behring Breivik was responsible for murdering 8 people through bombing the government building in Central Oslo. He was a far-right Norwegian who brutally shot 70 people at a summer camp in Utoya. This terrorist named it a martyr operation and claimed that he intended to stop Muslims to invade into Europe.

The suspect of Al-Noor Islamic Centre followed the same manifesto of the attacker of Christchurch and Breivik which is nothing but hate against Muslims.

This August attack on the mosque occurred on the Muslim festival of sacrifice Eid al Adha and fear has prevailed among the Muslims of Norway. The Muslim organization Islamic Council Norway said that Norwegian authorities have not taken the wave of hate for Muslims seriously and this has created an unrest in the region.

Police have increased the security in the Oslo, followed by the Eid celebrations. They have also ordered to do fully armed patrol to increase security of the Norwegian citizens, especially Muslims. Footage of mosque shooting have been shown after the attack was stopped.

Footage of Mosque Shooting by abc News after Al-Noor Islamic Center was attacked by white Norwegian.

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