Nokia 7.2 Review , Price & Specification Pakistan

Nokia is all set to take over the Android smartphone market by launching its new phone Nokia 7.2 globally. The Nokia 7.2 is an addition to the Nokia 7 phone series with spectacular design and inventive specifications. If you are looking for an Android phone with an amazing camera then look no further. The all-new Nokia 7.2 phone has been launched in 2019 with amazing specifications and design. One noteworthy point about Nokia 7.2 specification is its 48 MP camera in a circular configuration. Not only that, it definitely fits your budget. You have heard it right as the price of Nokia 7.2 in Pakistan is 47,500 PKR.

There was a time when every other person owned a Nokia phone back in the late 2000s. But the revolution caused by smartphones gave a major setback to the Nokia mobile phone market share. Nokia has been in the back seat for a couple of years. But recently, Nokia is all geared up to take its position in the smartphone industry with its innovative designs and state-of-the-art technology. Nokia has released its new phones in 2019 with Nokia 6 and 7 series. The consumers can purchase these Nokia 6.2 and 7.2 phones at a price of less than 50,000 PKR in Pakistan.

Nokia 7.2 Specification in Detail

The all-new Nokia 7 series comes with three main objectives. First of all, these are mid-range phones and can fit the pockets of the majority of the global population. Secondly, it has got a sleek design with captivating colors. And thirdly, it is full of features required by any user on the smartphone. Nokia 7.1 has already been proven a great success in the market. The new Nokia 7.2 is an absolutely stunning smartphone with tons of features. So without any further delays, let’s dig into Nokia 7.2 specifications.

nokia new phone 2019, nokia 7.2 design

Design and first look

Nokia 7.2 comes with a 6-inch Full-HD screen with smooth round corners. It has got an eye-catchy matt finished polymer coating on the back. This makes the phone light in weight. Not only that, but it has also got a metal chassis all around the phone to give the final finishes to the entire look of the new 7.2 phone. It has got a perfect size and style that matches the elegant personality of its user. The phone comes in a variety of vibrant colors including Cyan Green, Charcoal, and Ice.

Nokia 7.2 Camera Review

Smartphone Nokia has partnered with one of the greatest camera manufacturers in the world. Nokia smartphones use ZEISS optics to give the ultimate camera experience to its customers. The all-new Nokia 7.2 phone has quite a unique circular configuration of rear cameras. This gives quite a different look at the new Nokia 7.2 phone. The phone comes with a 48 MP camera that allows the user to capture all the minimalist details. The phone offers an additional 5 MP depth-sensor camera for portraits and 8 MP sensor to capture ultra-wide angle photos. In this way, 7.2 is an all-rounder phone to take shots, including portraits as well as wide angles. Not to forget to mention that 7.2 has got a 20 MP front selfie camera.

Let’s move forward towards the video recording and viewing in the new 7.2 phone. It offers no less than HDR video quality. With all thanks to its PixelWorks processor, the user can view vibrant colors. Nokia 7.2 offers adjustments in brightness and contrast so that you can enjoy watching videos in day and night light on its IPS LCD.

Battery and Storage

Nokia 7.2 offers 3,500 mAh battery that means that you can enjoy Talktime, browsing, music, and much more all day long. Moreover, the phone comes with a gigantic Snapdragon processor and a 4GB of RAM. All of these specifications, when combined with smooth Android 9 Pie, make the 7.2 the best choice smartphone. The phone comes with 64 GB of internal storage with an additional storage capacity of 512 GB via a micro SD card.

Other Nokia 7.2 Specification and Features

We can go on with the list of features available on this new Nokia phone. It has got a google assistant button on the right side to facilitate the users. The power button is present on the left side below the volume button. The fingerprint sensor, logo, and front cameras are quite prominent at the top in the metallic copper tone. This overall look and design make the 7.2 phone a trendy HMD-made Nokia phone.

Final Verdict and Nokia 7.2 Price

The Nokia 7.2 with its super performance and camera results is quite an exceptional phone. The phone is budget-friendly and comes at an unbeatable price under 50,000 PKR. The new Nokia 7 phone series released in 2019 is giving quite a stiff competition to Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL. Nokia 7.2 price in Pakistan is less 47,500 PKR. It has got everything a person expects from a smartphone. With a unique configuration of rear cameras of 48 MP, stylish design, and manageable size, Nokia 7.2 is definitely quite a good Android smartphone contender in the market.


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