New Islamabad Airport – The Ultimate Guide

The new Islamabad International Airport is located on Airport Avenue, Islamabad, Attock-Punjab, Pakistan. The Benazir Bhutto International Airport is shifted to the Attock site and the new Islamabad airport has covered more than 3200 acres. The new Islamabad airport is present at the west of twin cities Islamabad, Rawalpindi from 20 km near Kashmir Highway. Let me tell you about the new Islamabad international airport Attock map, location, and flight schedule, and arrival details.



The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority announced in 2005 to utilize 3242 acres land for a  airport. For the new Islamabad international airport, 3242 acres of land was purchased for PKR 2.5 million in Fateh Jang Attock.


Need for new Islamabad Airport

The establishment of a new airport in the twin cities was required due to the traffic load on the roads. Another reason behind this project was an increase in the number of passengers at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport.

Sources state that there is an increase in the number of passengers by 14 percent annually. This value is higher in comparison to the 4 percent of the national passenger growth rate. Therefore, being the busiest twin city airport, it was decided to shift the load to the Attock site from the Benazir Bhutto International Airport.

Foundation of New International Islamabad Airport

Former Prime Minister PM Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz laid the foundation of this new project in 2007.

The new Islamabad Airport, Attock has replaced the old Benazir Bhutto International Airport. Whereas, the old one is going to become part of PAF Base Nur Khan.

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority PCAA supported the Islamabad airport project. Aéroports de Paris Ingénierie (ADPi), a French Company perfectly designed this masterpiece. Singapore Corporation CGP also helped in this project.


  1. The airport is now considered as the largest international airport in Pakistan. According to the reports, the new airport is going to accommodate around 9 million passengers during the first phase in a year. The authorities have planned to expand this airport from an accommodation perspective.
  2. It is expected that the new Islamabad airport may soon facilitate around 25 million passengers in a year. If you look at the terminals of the newly inaugurated airport, then you will find 15 gates with 10 remote gates.
  3. There are 42 immigration counters along with duty-free shops, a food court, and a four-star hotel. Moreover, a third runway is going to construct with a land of 2,833 acres by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. Additionally, the new Islamabad Airport map shows that this is the first airport ever to handle the Airbus A380 in Pakistan.
  4. The masterpiece is located on 3200 acres of land comprises of the terminal building for passengers, 2 runways (28L/10R, 28R/10L). Moreover, the airport map consists of parking bays, airport aprons, and taxiways for the aircraft with a wide body.

Other facilities include air traffic control complex, fuel farm, and cargo terminals. Fire, crash, and rescue facility is also available at new twin cities airport.

It is situated near Fateh Jang Attock. The distance from Zero Point, Islamabad is 20 km. On the other hand, it is 23 km away from Saddar, Rawalpindi.

new islamabad airport flight schedule

New Islamabad Airport Services

List of  Services are as follows:

  • The parking facility is available for around 2000 vehicles.
  • Total 9 gates for entry and exit.
  • There are 28 escalators and 24 elevators present at the airport.
  • You will find moving walkways in the premises of the airport, which includes 4 inclined travelators and 10 horizontal travelators.
  • 15 jetties and 2 jetties for Airbus A 380 are also present.
  • Both, Device charging stations and Fingerprint recognition systems are also available.
  • Furthermore, 5 luggage conveyor belts and separate waiting lounges with 15 bays.
  • You will also find the Child’s play area, 18 water tube wells, and 3 water dams.

On the other hand, there are 4 operators at the new Islamabad international airport. These are PIA, Air Blue, Shaheen Air, and Serene Air.

List of International Airlines are as follows:

  • Oman Air
  • Qatar airways
  • Gulf Air
  • Etihad
  • Emirates
  • Air Arabic
  • Air China
  • China Southern
  • Kuwait Airways
  • Saudia
  • Safi Airways
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Thai Airways

New Islamabad Airport Flight Schedule

New Islamabad Airport flight schedule is available on the website of Islamabad airport. You will see four columns under the flight schedule. New Islamabad airport flight schedule comprised of a specified flight number as mentioned below.

Moreover, the destination of heading the flight, time of that particular flight, and status of the flight is also part of it.

Under status, you will see whether the flight has canceled or departed. A sample of the flight schedule of the new Islamabad airport is mentioned below.

Flight No. To Time Status
PK 233 Dubai 01:38 Departed
PA 272 Jeddah 02:10 Canceled
EK 615 Dubai 03:12 Departed
QR 633 Doha 03:15 Departed
EY 232 Abu Dhabi 04:42 Departed
TK 711 Istanbul 05:30 Departed


In order to find out the current booking details and flight schedule log on to the website of the new Islamabad airport. You can visit the new Islamabad airport as well for further details.

You will find on the new Islamabad Airport map the location. It is connected to Islamabad via Kashmir Highway. Whereas, it is connected to twin city Rawalpindi via GT road.

Another way to reach the airport is through Islamabad Metrobus. Metrobus has also expanded to connect to the Islamabad airport.

Moreover, in order to facilitate the cargo traffic service, a four-lane highway is also under construction. You can check a new Islamabad Airport map from here.

Benazir Bhutto International Airport

New Islamabad International Airport Arrivals

There are proper procedures for new Islamabad airport arrivals for the domestic as well as international passengers.

Domestic Arrivals:

On arrival of domestic passengers, all the crowd will enter the domestic lounge. From the domestic lounge, passengers are going to collect their baggage from the baggage belt area.

Meanwhile, After entering into the exit hall where their families wait for their loved ones, they can depart from the outward gate. From this point, you can move towards your onward journey through a car or taxi.

International Arrivals:

All the international passengers who arrived at the airport must hold relevant and valid documents. These include passport, visa (if applicable), and a disembarkation form of immigration.

New Islamabad international airport arrivals are provided with these forms while on board. They are also available at the airport as well.

All the passengers are advised to properly fill these forms. Hence, the arrival procedure may progress. In this way, they can complete their clearance process.

Let me list important documents that a passenger must hold upon new Islamabad international airport arrivals.

  • A disembarkation form must be completely and properly filled (Overseas Pakistani Cardholders are not required to fill).
  • Passenger passport.
  • The passenger must hold a visa, if applicable.
  • Foreigners must hold a letter that is issued at Pakistan Consulates abroad.
  • WHO (world health organization) or International Health Regulations have declared some countries with infected diseases. Passengers who are coming from these countries must hold a Vaccination Certificate.

Immigration Clearance

The desks for immigration are separated into different sections.

  • All Passports
  • Overseas Pakistani Passenger, Card Holder
  • Foreigners, Taxpayers
  • Old Citizens, Special Person, Women, Children
  • Diplomats, Foreigners, Taxpayers

Documents Required:

All the passengers who entered into the Islamic Republic of Pakistan must hold the disembarkation form. However, Pakistani passengers and international overseas Pakistani passengers have no need to submit the disembarkation form while on board.

Passengers must queue up at the immigration desk during the procedure at new Islamabad international airport arrivals. Immigration officers will then check your relevant documents and ask questions pertaining to immigration procedures. Moreover, they will also verify your picture ID as well.

Further, International Health Regulations devised the policy, which states that all the passengers who arrive in Pakistan must hold a vaccinated certificate. Most importantly, POLIO vaccination is a priority. This is only applicable to the passengers who are going to stay for more than four weeks in Pakistan.



  • Firstly, passengers must stay in their prescribed line.
  • Secondly, you have to wait at the immigration desk behind the red line marked.
  • Thirdly, you have to wait for your turn at the red color line. Phone usage is allowed while standing in the queue.
  • When it’s your turn, all you have to submit your passport and disembarkation in case of foreigners.
  • In the end, you can pass through immigration, when your passport is checked and returned.

For more information regarding the baggage claim and customs clearance, you can visit the website.

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