Nausea Treatment, Causes & Home Remedies

Even the word “Nausea” itself creates uneasiness and a disturbing wave of sensation in the stomach. Just like hunger which craves to fill your stomach, nausea is the opposite and demands to empty the stomach to feel better. Only natural cures can treat nausea better so that your health may not suffer. You will find nausea meaning, causes, and nausea treatment for food poisoning & motion sickness in this article through natural home remedies.

Nausea meaning

Nausea’s meaning is vomiting, puking, and a feeling of sickness.


Nausea causes


Food Poisoning and Motion Sickness

nausea treatment

The two terrible Nausea causes are food poisoning and motion sickness. In the case of food poisoning, you can only surrender to nausea feeling followed by a dire need to vomit. Once you vomit, the damaging potential of the toxin or pathogen reduces and you feel better instantly.

While, in case of motion sickness, especially in heights your stomach gets upset and you feel headache, dizziness, and severe drowsiness. These symptoms induce nausea and ultimately ruins your whole journey.

Through medicines, you will feel relieved for the time, but it is better to switch towards natural remedies.


3 Natural Home Remedy For Nausea Treatment

These 3 natural home remedies for nausea will definitely prove effective in the long-run.


Ginger Root For Nausea Treatment

nausea treatment


Researchers said that gingerols damp down serotonin is present in the ginger root, which have neurochemicals to induce nausea in our body. For nausea treatment, it is better to take a teaspoon of ginger powder and mix it in a glass of water for better results. You can also swallow a ginger capsule with water or you can chew the hard ginger candy to stop nausea.


Try Acupressure Through Wristbands

nausea treatment

The study shows that acupressure is a traditional remedy that works quite well. It involves the usage of wristbands which you can find in medical stores or online. These plastic peg bands press the inner side of the wrist spot which is associated with seasickness.

These bands come up with instructions and all you have to do is to follow them and get relieved. They are inexpensive, safe, non-invasive and effective for nausea treatment.

Reliefband is another high-tech device that works better for nausea treatment and sends electric pulses to the spot.


Look at the Distance

Another important method to treat nausea during motion sickness is looking at a distant point. During traveling, you lose your external point of reference, and your body is moving. This is the reason that reading a book in a car and a boat may induce instant vomiting.

In order to get rid of this feeling, all you have to do is to focus on any point outside the car or bus like a horizon. Doing so will make you feel better in minutes. This is the best way for nausea treatment.

If nausea persists, contact your doctor as it may be a symptom of bowel cancer, gallbladder disease, heart attack, and peptic ulcer and migraine or the flu.

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