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In a busy mechanical world that we are living in, we need to spend time with nature to resume balance and peace in our lives. But for children, nature is an important teacher.  The best nature activities for kids and toddlers are those in which you let the little explorer. And go around on a scavenger hunt to let them find things and activities they love. We have compiled suggestions for some nature activities for toddlers like a nature scavenger hunt for kids, that will develop nature crafts for kids.


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Nature Activities For Kids

Here we have collected some simple yet very effective activities related to nature for your kids and toddlers.

Playing in the sand

The most primitive natural activity of all is playing with sand or making mud pies. Children everywhere love to build sandcastles. This nature activity for toddlers is indeed very helpful. The sandpit acts as a sensory bin, it helps the little one practice their fine and gross motor skills. And of course, it works as a stimulant for imagination.

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Kids Garden

Use the pleasant spring days to teach your kids about the birth of new plants. Teach them how to grow plants and how to take care of them. Sowing the seeds, working with soil and taking care of plants all these nature activities help our kids and toddlers to practice the motor skills.

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Nature Scavenger Hunt for kids

Our little explorer is so full of energy when they step outside. You find yourself running after them all the time. So, it’s better to utilize this energy into a fantastic fun and learning experience. A super fun nature activity for toddlers and kids is a scavenger hunt.

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It could be spontaneous or planned, You can brief them beforehand and show them pictures of what they should find. Or just hand them a bag and let them pick whatever they like. It is a sensory activity and also it will help them practice fine motor skills.

Nature-inspired Art Projects

Painting, art, and crafts is a great method to stimulate imagination and creativity in children, in addition to this, it also helps with their motor and sensory skills. So, mixing the two together to make it more productive and fun for kids is a great idea.

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Take the paint stash and color pencils outside for a change. Use materials from your scavengers hunt to create masterpieces. Paint the rocks and twigs, you can use leaves to print on paper. Flowers can be dried and used as decorations or tie them all together to create a nice bouquet.

Physical Activities for Kids

It’s best to make use of the outside play area to the fullest during the long summer days. You don’t always need a plan or a stash of activities up your sleeves to help your kid enjoy nature.

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Physical play is so important for children, it is not just required for physical well being. Just letting your kid play is a great stimulus for the brain too. By simply playing in a playground you help your kids get more social. It also allows them to be more imaginative with the games.

Fall Crafts for Toddlers

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Autumn is all about change, and if you are lucky and live close to nature. You will enjoy the changing colors of nature and crispy winds. It is a great time for the little ones to experience transition. A great nature activity for toddlers in the autumn is to notice the colors of the leaves and the textures. Let them step on the crunchy dry leaves and/or maybe collect one or two. This is one of the best nature crafts for kids.

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Dancing in the Rain

Rain activities for toddlers

It’s good to be cautious of a child getting cold, but honestly, there is no other alternative to the rain. Let the little buddy soak in. Let them dance and enjoy the rain. You can use this time to explain where the water comes from. Why is it important. And why we should save it.

You can also get a little crafty and make paper boats with your toddlers and row them down the streams.

Feed the Birds

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Nature, little animal, and birds cannot be separated. Feeding the birds is a great nature activity for toddlers. You can use the different size and texture of seeds as a sensory stimulus for the little hands. The bag of seeds is really a sensory bin.

Also, feeding the birds and watching them gather around will give your child an amazing experience. Simultaneously, it will help your child to be more compassionate about all kinds of life. Feeding Birds is one of the best nature crafts for kids.

Watch the insects

A little inquisitive mind, a magnifying glass and an encouraging adult that’s all you need for your insect watch activity. This nature activity for toddlers will expand their horizons. They will notice the world is full of so many other living things that are living side by side. Let them explore and find the world of the crawly and creepy insects.

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Find the Incy vncy spider and its web, you might even find her feasting on some other insect. Look for the ants and their homes. You can also make your little one observe how ants walk in lines and how they can carry so much weight.

Beetles with their bright colors are children’s favorite mostly. Try and find a caterpillar or an earthworm. Let your kids observe all insects under the magnifying glass, let them observe their differences.

Make outdoor time more fun with activities for your kids and yourself, staying close to nature could be the best habit you can inculcate in your kid for a healthy and happy life. Do let us know if you find these activities helpful too, as these activities will surely develop nature crafts for kids. The comment section is for you.

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