Natural Beauty Tips and Tricks for Dry and Oily Skin

Natural Beauty Tips and Tricks for Dry and Oily Skin of girls can be explored in this article if you are fed up of spending money on salons. Could your skin be more clear than it is? Yes, absolutely. All of this could happen without spending thousands of rupees in the salon. Even the smallest seed of a plant needs to be taken care off for before it can blossom so the truth is that nature needs time to bloom. With the following natural beauty tips, you can make your skin look smoother and healthier than before. So wake up and incorporate these skin care tips in your daily routine life.

Beauty Tips and Tricks for Dry & Oily Skin

Both oily and dry skin has its pros and cons and demands extra care as compared to normal skin.

For dull, tired and dry skin: The worst part of dry skin is that it ages faster and, if not taking care at an early age (ideally 18) you might end up with anti-aging issues at your early 20s.

  • To make dehydrated skin better, it is recommended to massage the skin with iced yoghurt. You can also sprinkle some iced sugar (for softness) along with it.
  • Second, you can take orange halves and scrub your face gently until the granules melt. Keep it for 15 minutes and then wash the face with iced water. Do this twice or thrice a week and see the difference.

    5 Natural Ingredients for Dry & Oily Skin 

For dull, oily and combination skin: There are endless natural beauty tips for oily to combination skin. Five natural ingredients might help you battle unwanted shine.

1. Lemon: The vitamin C in lemons helps combat hyperpigmentation and brightens skin. It also whisks away excess sebum and reduces extra shine from the face.

2. Tea tree: Tea tree is best for acne-prone skin. It is also antibacterial and a gentle astringent, controlling dryness.

3. Kaolin clay: You can use a kaolin clay mask twice or thrice a week for optimum results. It absorbs excess oil, drawing sebum and other debris from your face. Also, it helps to tighten pores and makes the skin brighter too!

4. Olive oil: A natural beauty tip that can work as a perfect cleanser for oily skin type. This magical oil pulls impurities from your skin while maintaining its pH balance. Every night, gently massage your face with two to three drops of olive oil and leave on for five minutes. Wipe it off with a wet towel.

5. Oatmeal: Oatmeal acts as a great gentle Exfoliator on skin. It has got amino acid and high silica content that restores the skin’s pH balance and natural moisture.

Beauty Tips for Girls

Every Girl want to Look perfect and she does everything in order to get the perfect appearance. Beauty industry is becoming very expensive , so don’t need to spend when you can try these beauty tips for Girls. These beauty tips and tricks for Girls are easy and can be manageable with ease.

Juicy Pink Lips

pink lips

It isn’t required to get high priced lip scrubs and medicated lip balms as a way to truly save dry and cracked lips. It is possible to create your very own effective remedy.

You will want:

(1) Toothpaste
(2) Honey

Do these to make your lips tender and soft: wash your lips with the assistance of a toothbrush and also a combination of toothpaste and honey for 3 to 5 minutes. Your movements should be light and soft.

Clean Skin without Blackheads


Leave behind those annoying blackheads by cleansing skin with the assistance of a very simple mask. It’s simple to produce from things which can be found in any kitchen.

You’ll Need:

(1) One little package of powdered gelatin (it ought to be odourless because aromatised gelatin will colour skin)
(2) A few tsp of milk, Mix the ingredients, then warm them up in the microwave for about 10 seconds, then apply into problematic for 15 minutes.

Long and Thick Lashes


Coconut oil contains excellent properties that’s the reason why it’s widely utilised in lots of cosmetic objects and is still among the very widely used services and products within the beauty industry.

You may need:

(1) Coconut oil
(2) Aloe Vera gel

Coconut oil comprises vitamin E, minerals, as well as other nutritional supplements which help stimulate the development of the eyelashes by entering the follicles. The combo with the oil and aloe Vera gel helps improve the increase efficacy and make your eyelashes thick and long.

Body without Stretch Marks

body stretch marks

Lots of men state that stretch marks do not frighten off them, but women do not feel comfortable with this imperfection that’s the reason why they consistently attempt to eliminate it.

You may need:

(1) A Medium Sized potato
(2) Gauze

It’s really a popular fact that potatoes contain starch that has soothing and detoxifying properties. Additionally, they have antioxidants which prevent and decrease the entire process of cell damage and so are one of the very best preventative agents utilized to resist skin harm. Peel the potato, cut it, put it into gaze, and utilize it on problematic areas.

Recovery of a Broken Nail

broken nails

Every girl knows and worries about the status of her nails and manicures as they want them to look fantastic and well-groomed. Regrettably, nobody is guaranteed against the simple fact a nail may crack at the most inconvenient moment.
You may need:
(1) Tea bags
(2) Routine Nail-Polish
(3) Nail polish used to Top coat
(4) Base coat nail polish

Cut the tea bag similar in proportions to the nail break you are getting to repair. This helps strengthen the structure which will be made of a few layers of nail polish and allow your nail to appear natural until your next visit to your manicurist. You can use regular nail polish for this process .The principle is really simple , you have to apply lots of layers of nail polish. The single disadvantage is that this system takes longer hours since you want to wait patiently until every coating dries well.

Dry and Cracked Heels

beauty tips for skin

For those who have undergone the issue of dry, cracked heels, there’s just an easy solution that merely takes a lemon along with moisturizing cream.

You may need:

(1) One large lemon
(2) Moisturizing cream

You want to cut the lemon, put it under your heel, and then wear a sock. The moisturizing cream helps seal the Outcome of the Process.

Removing Extra Facial Hair

beauty tips and tricks

Excessive hair growth in women is related to a higher degree of testosterone. Laser Epilation is 1 option you need to use to eradicate the issue, however it’s a costly procedure. You will find more budget-friendly procedures which are natural and simple By way of instance, Indian women remove unwanted hair with the assistance of a spice.

You may need:
(1) 2 tablespoon of turmeric
(2) Latex gloves

Mix turmeric with warm water and apply the glue or paste into the areas at which you would like to clear away the hair follicles. After a few sessions, the hair starts to be slimmer and disappear completely.

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