NASA to open International Space Station for Tourist

Gear up for the vacation of a lifetime guys, as NASA is opening up the International Space Station for tourists. Even though, getting selected as an astronaut is tougher than getting into the world’s most prestigious universities. But with the new arrangements anyone can go up to the International Space Station.

Well, at least someone with millions of dollars to spend.

Friday, June 7, at Nasdaq in New York City, chief financial Jeff DeWit said, “NASA is opening the International Space Station to commercial opportunities and marketing these opportunities as we’ve never done before.”

Previously, NASA was completely against the space tourism or the for-profit research. But the recent stance is like opening a door to a world of opportunities in the field of space tourism.

Russia had a pretty relaxed policy. The first space tourist Dennis Tito made the round trip in 2001, the US businessman paid $20 million to Russia for the fancy trip.

NASA has made arrangements with the commercial companies to arrange and manage the space tours. Including the training, the medical, the round trip to the International Space Station and the stay. The space agency will charge $35,000 per night per person, to use the facilities at the station.

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Of course, the tour operator will charge much more than the $35,000 to tourist, to cover the toe and fro commute and the profits.

The space station is currently the only inhabitable place in the whole universe, other than the earth.

The two appointed companies for space tourism have already started to make arrangements for the tours. The Bigelow Aerospace of North Las Vegas, will use SpaceX to take the tourist up to the space station. SpaceX is run by Ellon Musk, and it takes NASA astronauts to the International Space Station. The Rockets will each have 4 seats.

The Houston based space tour operators Axiom Space, will also be arranging the visits and they hope to start sending the space tourist from next year.

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