NASA has criticized the shot down Satellite act of Indian that have eventually put Astronauts and other species above earth in danger. Recently Indian Prime Minister has announced that they have successfully shot down a satellite who was put into space for this purpose in the lower orbit. NASA has condemned this act of creating waste in space. According to the Indian Ministry, the test was performed under the name of “Mission Shakti” to check the missile technology.

Among the few countries in the world, Indian has become fourth in anti-satellite weapon league after the US, Russia, China.

A Threat to the species as per Jim Bridenstine’s

However, NASA claimed that this shot down has put the species living above Earth in danger. They said that the debris released after the explosion of missile and mini-satellite weather in the lower orbit or not could endanger the living things there. Jim Bridenstine, the American administrator of space agency alarms to the world as after the explosion, they have detected debris comprises of 400 pieces in the orbit. He further exclaimed that the threat of collusion to the ISS has increased after this by the proportion of 44%.

Jim Bridenstine’s fear about the endangerment of living beings on Earth as well as the species above the earth can be felt through this statement.

“NASA has to be very clear about the impacts of such events on human beings as this is simply unacceptable” 

NASA is now in search of those pieces of debris which are around 60 and more than 10 centimeters long. Jim Bridenstine’s further said that it is the terrible thing that humans have done to themselves as destroying the satellites and releasing orbital debris intentionally is putting human lives in danger. 24 of the pieces of orbital debris have already gone above the Apogee of the ISS, a point where the Earth is furthest from the moon or satellite in the orbit.


While India’s ministry of external affairs denied this fact and claimed that they have done this test in the lower atmosphere and the danger level is low from Mission Shakti. The American administrator of the space agency said that NASA is the only federal agency in the government who have human lives at stake. Jim said that this is insane to create orbital debris and putting your own people at risk.


Well, the debris is in the lower orbit of Earth and soon in weeks it will decay and may fall on earth. Jim says that the orbital debris will eventually disappear in space or on earth but we should be sane enough not to create threats for the people of Earth. And we all agree with him and not to do any such experiments like India to show our super league power in the space. As missile technology has its own drawbacks for human lives.

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