NAB, NAB chief, Javed Iqbal

National Accountability Bureau, NAB chief, Justice Retired Javed Iqbal, said on Sunday that NAB and the country’s economy will continue to function together.

He said that politicizing NAB against the corrupt elements is not in the heart of National’s interest, and the Bureau is making extraordinary efforts to exclude their Country’s name from the grey list of the Action Task Force.

Addressing at a news conference at the NAB headquarters yesterday, he said that the anti-graft body will take actions in the country’s interest without any reformed external pressure.

The NAB chief also said talked about a clueless propaganda is in the news about NAB harassing businesses.

He added that the NAB cannot be blamed for the country’s economy, as 59 percent of the country in the Gallup Survey reported confidence in the bureau. The two country’s leading businessmen Arif Habib and Mansha Pasha, appreciated the bureau because of its outstanding performance.

He further added that the Bureau is making their extensive efforts in improving the country’s image because of the money launderers. And to do our best, we won’t spare them, but punish them with the punishment they deserve in wrongdoing in the image of the country.

National Accountability Bureau, is a political organization, who serves to eradicate corruption from the country, will take these money laundering cases, and let the victims face their end because of what they have done.

The bureau said that they strongly respect everyone and up till now, never disgraced anyone.

On the account of the business related allegation, Javed Iqbal said that the bureau has never intervened in any of their telegraphic transfers. However, bureau holds the total right to ask the public office holders in case of any illegal money that is beyond their source of income.

He also said that, “What NAB has to do with the Dollar’s increasing value?”

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