Movie Trailers You Should Watch Now: 7 Official Trailers

Movie trailers which you can watch to spend your long summer days are out now. Let me give you a short review of the latest official trailers. The upcoming movies this summer 2019 are Hobbs & Shaw, Charlie’s Angels, Queen & Slim, The Current War, Free Meek, The Good Liar and Midway.

Check out seven amazing trailers this week.

Official Movie Trailers


Final Trailer of Hobbs & Shaw is a real action based sequence and make you spend most of the time on the tense and clean shots. Hobbs and Shaw’s trailer make you confident when you have bulk of trailers in your hand. This is what Fast & Furious fans are really looking forward and it would not disappoint them. It is coming out in August soon.


Charlie’s Angels is written and directed by Elizabeth Banks. She made a rebooting of Charlie’s Angels and you can expect a comedy mixed with little spy touch from Banks. Interestingly, Elizabeth is also acting in this movie too. This movie will come out in November.


Queen & Slim is a sombre-looking movie written by Lena Waithe. It is about a black couple who accidentally shoots a cop in defense and are on a run after an aggressive police encounter. This film is directed by Melina Matsoukas with different aftermath of a police shooting. It is coming out on the 27th of November.


Reviews of this movie have not been so great because of lack of the urgency to reach the theatres. But it is believed that many big stars and a cultural awareness topic of Tesla vs Edison may grab the attention of movie lovers later. The movie will be finally coming out in October.


Free Meek is a documentary series based on the life of rapper Meek Mill. In this movie, you will see his struggle to escape from the criminal justice system. You will see a movement emerged in favour of him too. Jay-Z is a producer and actor in a series. It is coming out on the 9th of August.


This movie begins with a romance between two people with every white hair but later on, it turns out to be more thriller than expected. It got so tense when con man tried to pull over a wealthy woman. It will be out on the 15th of November.


It is directed by Ronald Emmerich and going to be a blockbuster movie. It is from an Independence Day story with a film based on Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Midway. Midway fame will be dependent on the appetite of heavy explosion with World War II kind coming out on 8th November.


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