Moon Sighting App Launched in Pakistan : The Ruet

The federal minister for science and technology, Fawad Chaudhry has launched an app, “The Ruet”. The purpose of the app is to make it easier for people to know about the phases of the moon. This app is part of the process of making ruet-e-Hilal or moon sighting for Islamic months more scientific and less complicated.


It is named “The Ruet”, which means sighting, after the Islamic ritual of moon sighting to mark the beginning of lunar months. The app is easily downloadable from the google play store.

On the Playstore the app description of the Ruet app, says, “The Ruet” is a utility and information application related to the moon and sighting of the moon in Pakistan by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

A Screenshot of the app The Ruet in the Google Play store.

The salient features of the Ruet app are listed as follows:

    • Current phase and age of the moon.
    • Islamic Hijri Calendar.
  • Setting location manually to any coordinates in Pakistan.
  • New moon details by Islamic months.
  • Moon phases calendar.
  • Moon, Sun and all major planets’ positions on the interactive sky simulation.

Earlier, the federal minister of science and technology Fawad Chaudhry announced the launch of a website. in order to put an end to the moon sighting controversy, that stirs up every year on Ramazan and eid moon.

The App Received Mostly Positive Reactions From the Public:

Fawad Chaudhry had been vocal about his concerns over spending a great amount of money on the Ruet-e-Hilal committee. It has been disclosed in the national assembly recently, that last year, 3.06 million were spent on the moon sighting of Muharam, Ramazan and both Eids.

Sighting the moon has been an issue of controversy for a while in the country. As a local committee in Peshawar would announce the Ruet on their own. Therefore, Fawad Chaudhry presented a solution, by suggesting scientifically calculating the birth of the moon. This will help to accurately predict the beginning of the Islamic months and end the controversy.

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