Momin Saqib Was Heartbroken After Pakistani Team Failure

Momin Saqib, Pakistani Vlogger is famous for creating his own content particularly on Pakistani Cricket and after Pakistan lost the match against India, he is heartbroken. Pakistani Team failure in Pakistan vs India match in World Cup 2019 also made us say:

“Dil Ro Raha Hai Mera”

Momin Saqib is famous for his one dialogue “Dil Ro Raha Hai Mera” after Pakistani team won a match against England few years back.

He gained the limelight through his funny way to celebrate the success of Pakistani Team in T20. You will find him in the stadium of Pakistan vs India match exclusively.

Pakistani Team Failure

He was heartbroken in his video and said that I have heard that our Pakistani Cricket Team were enjoying Pizzas and Burgers a night before the match. Neither they care about their fitness nor do they care about expectations of Pakistani nation from them.

It is better for them to play “Dangal” instead of Cricket.

Momin gave a message to the whole Pakistani cricket Team.

“We love you but Love is not one-sided and it was their duty to play with sincerity”…Right On Point!

After Pakistan Cricket Team badly lost the PakvsInd match world cup 2019, we want to say the same “Dil Ro Raha Hai Mera”….!

He made two more videos which are literally hilarious. I mean he has truly represented the whole Pakistani nation after their Good and Bad performance against India.

In the Old Trafford stadium, this new emerging vlogger “Momin Saqib” made many videos of his own and of many celebrities as well.

Momin was begging to take him to Emergency after watching a pathetic match…Our Reaction after PAKvsIND!

A video that has been viral from Old Trafford is of the famous actor of Bollywood “Saif Ali Khan”. In this video, Momin badly trolled this superstar for killing lots of Pakistanis in his movies while Saif walked away hurriedly from the crowd.

He Badly Killed this Tiger Though!

Momin also made a video with our famous singer Momina Mustehsan in which she said “Dil Ro Raha Hai Mera”.

She also gave a message to the whole Pakistani Cricket Team saying that “Achaa Khelo Yaar”.

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