Mohsin Abbas Wife Claims Being A Domestic Violence Victim

Mohsin Abbas Haider wife Fatima Sohail has made big ripples as she shared her story of domestic violence on her social media along with pictorial proofs. Fatima Mohsin Abbas shared her side of the story of the domestic abuse she faced at the hands of her husband while expecting. She also claimed that he has been cheating on her and was very abusive.

Fatima Sohail Opens Up About Domestic Violence By Mohsin Abbas Haider

 “Zulm bardasht Karna bhi Gunah hy”.

In the long post she said he has been cheating on her and when she confronted, he resorted to beating and abusing her. He dragged me by my hair, threw me on on floor and kicked me multiple times. That wasn’t it, Mohsin Abbas Haider punched me on the face & pushed me against the wall.

She was expecting still Mohsin Abbas Haider ruthlessly beat her black and blue. She had to call friends to take her to the hospital. After the treatment she went back to her home and tried to make things work. In her words “You may call it Societal Pressure or my own confidence, but I somehow decided to make my marriage work for me and my child.”

6 months later when she gave birth to a baby boy through cesarean, while he was having fun with his girlfriend in Karachi and never bothered to check on her.

Even when he came to meet her after two days, he was only concerned with getting some pictures for social media. He could care less for his newborn son.

“On  17th July, I went to Mohsin’s house.” She tasked him to take responsibility of his son, but she got another beating instead, He refused to take care of his son.

She said, “It was then that I decided that enough is enough!

Mohsin Abbas Haider’s response:

Mohsin Abbas Haider, on the other hand, said, “ I will now open the truth in front of the public,” he added that he has been waiting for this for a long time. And he’s happy this abusive marriage is going to end soon.” I will tell the world what happened in our relationship for three years”, He added that he will do a press conference soon with the proofs and evidence.

Looks like he has a justification of beating her up (if that is a thing). Do tell us in the comments what do you think of this story?

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