MicroSD Cards Will No Longer Work In Huawei: SD Association

MicroSD and SD cards will be useless in the Huawei handsets after the SD Association has announced this as a result of Trump Executive Orders. After the U.S banned the Chinese Hardware Company in this month of May, 2019, SD association has also decided to barred its services for Huawei.

Now, SD or MicroSD cards will no longer be used by Huawei officially and their phones and laptops will not be supported by SD cards in the future.

However, SD or MicroSD cards will Continue to Work on the Existing Phones of Huawei.

MicroSD cards Also Banned Chinese Company After Trump Executive Orders

It has been confirmed by the SD Association to the Android Authority that this ban is the result of imposition applied by Trump orders. Hence, this removal of a Huawei company from the group has done to besiege the Chinese Company.

SD Association is a non-profit organization and it produces standard full size SD cards and MicroSD cards as well. According to SD Association, Huawei is no longer part of their list and they cannot produce products for the company excluded from their list.

MicroSD cards

SD Association is not the first one to remove Huawei from their list. Earlier, this month, Google, Intel, Qualcomm, ARM and Broadcom have decided to stop their functions for this Chinese company.

Furthermore, Huawei has been restricted from the Wi-Fi Alliance temporarily after being blacklisted from the U.S. The Chinese company decided to voluntarily set back and withdraw its membership from the Semiconductor standard organization “JEDEC” after the ban. It means that this company wants to wait until the situation gets better in the market. This may create an obstacle in Huawei abilities to produce hardware.

Well, seems like losing SD card organization is not a bigger issue for Huawei right now. After Android, Huawei is determined to produce its own OS and they have a replacement of MicroSD card too. They have their own Nano Memory card (NM) which is comparatively smaller than MicroSD card, but provide 256GB storage and 90MB/s transfer speed.



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