Lionel Messi has been banned from the International Football and he cannot play for Argentina for three months for alleging the CONMEBOL of corruption. He also accused the South American Football Confederation that the match was fixed for Brazil already. The 32-years-old footballer is charged with a fine of $50,000 from the South American federation CONMEBOL.

Messi said that he cannot be part of this corrupt tournament, who showed disrespectful behaviour towards them throughout the league. He made this comment after a win for Argentina against Chile with 2-1 during a playoff at the third place in Brazil.

Lionel Messi questioned the integrity of South American body and accused them of being in favour of Bazil throughout the whole tournament. According to him, in the last semi-final, Argentina lost by 2-0 and the reason was refereeing was quite in favour of Brazil.

Messi was shown a red card after winning against Chile for fighting with the Gary Medel. Gary Medel, a former midfielder was also sent off after been shown a red card.

Messi was asked that if he fear of being suspended to which he replied that Truth is meant to be unveiled and this has reduced his suffering after speaking up. He added that Sadly, the corruption and referees do not allow the people to enjoy football as they have ruined the game.

Moreover, Lionel Messi alleged the governing body that the World Cup has already fixed for Brazil. CONMEBOL reacted angrily at his statement saying that it is truly a baseless and unacceptable accusation. They have banned him for 3 months from playing International Football.

However, Messi has only seven days to appeal to this decision of the South American Football bodies to review their statement. And if in case the ban stands, Messi fans are going to miss him in the coming football games against Chile, Mexico and Germany which are going to be held in September and October.

Previously, Argentina has complained over the gross refereeing at Brazil and he has already been shown a red card in Copa America. Messi was fined with $1500 and he is also banned from playing the match of World Cup South America that will held in next March.

According to the reports, he has sent an apology letter to CONMEBOL for his alleged statements.

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