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Men’s Clothing Brands in Pakistan, which are leading into formal and informal suiting throughout the world comprises of 5 top designers. Read more about the latest designer trends in this article. Nowadays, both men and women are trying to keep them updated with the latest fashion clothing. The dressing expresses one’s personality, and so the selection of dresses is very important. Whether you wear casual or go for formal suiting, if you are dressed well people will admire you, and you will become the center of importance for them.

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The brand introduces the style concept and is well-appreciated by all. There are different men’s clothing brands in Pakistan that are offering the full range including clothes (casual and formal), shoes, and other useful fashionable accessories. Out of a lot of leading brands, the following top 5 male clothing brands in Pakistan are more demanding. Let’s have a look below!

Top 5 Designers in lead

1. Amir Adnan

The first Pakistani men’s designer who has introduced the modern sherwani for men is Amir Adnan. This is the elite class brand and very well-known for designer men’s wear. They make men’s formal suiting, casual and wedding dresses.

2. Junaid Jamshed (J.)

J. was started in Karachi in 2002. They have started with men’s stylish clothes and later started making children, teens, women dresses, jewellery, and cosmetics as well. From elite class dresses to casual wear they have a good variety for all.

3. Deepak Parwani

Deepak Parwani is the most popular dress designer; formerly an actor, but soon turned himself into the making of stylish dresses for Pakistanis men and women. This brand is working in Pakistan and 17 other countries as well. They meet international standards. From kurtas to wedding dresses they have a lot of variety to offer.

4. Muneeb Nawaz

Muneeb Nawaz, founded in 2003, is a Pakistani based brand dedicated to making stylish menswear. Since the start of his career, this brand is successfully making fabulous men’s formal suiting till now. They make lawn, kurta, jackets, and embroidery wear too. Men wear this brand as a symbol of style and elegance and to improve their personality.

5. Aijaz Aslam

He is known as a famous actor in Pakistan. But a few years back he also started designing clothes and got appreciated by everyone. His dramas also made a huge success in showbiz. This designers’ line is running successfully and includes shoes for men, boxers’ shorts, formal suiting, and sherwani.

Formal Suiting Is Aim For Comfort

The best dress is the one which suits your personality and doesn’t have to have uncomfortable or heavy structure. The above list of the leading men’s designer clothing is not exhaustive, and there are many other reputable brands known for their unique fashionwear.

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