Mehwish Hayat Is Facing Criticism: Baaji Gangster Guriya Song

Mehwish Hayat has performed on an item song named “Gangster Guriya” in a movie “Baaji” and looks like Twitter is angry for honouring this woman with “Tamgha-e-Imtiaz”. Baaji is a Pakistani movie whose cast includes Osman Khalid Butt, Amna Ilyas, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Meera G which is directed by Saqib Malik. Whereas, Mehwish Hayat is part of it as an item number diva. Mehwish hayat song and mehwish hayat dance has created a Viral saga throughout the twitter. Lets see..

Mehwish Hayat tweeted with a caption Oops I did it again!

Moreover, she asked ‘Are you ready for Gangster Guriya?’, a woman who is in charge of herself and she knows that what she wants!!

She is confident enough to face the world as Gangster Guriya but people have many questions from a holder of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz.

Twitter is calling it a vulgarity as being part of the citizen of an Islamic country!!

Questions have been raised that what message she wants to spread with songs like Gangster Guriya in Baaji??

Mehwish answered to all the criticism and what we call abusive remarks on her performance on Gangster Guriya, “Dance is the purest form of art for her”.

Mehwish also said that dance is her choice and she finds her work woman empowering which is her job as well.

People are mocking her for copying Bollywood the item number and this kind of dressing like her is totally unacceptable.

Hashtag QaumTabahHai is trending…

Well, some are supporting her for becoming a victim of abuse and we all know that this language against any woman shows his own upbringing!!

OB is here advocating her again!!

People are praying for her Hadayat…!

Looks like Osman Khalid Butt has been supporting Mehwish Hayat in this whole controversy.

While others are criticizing Osman Khalid too for his poses and moves in a song with Amna Ilyas.

He got a good sense of humour though…!

Mehwish Hayat has received appreciation from many people for openly saying that this is what she wants to do with a clarity. Pakistan also needs that kind of clarity to portray what they want.

Haroon Rashid had an interview with Mehwish Hayat. In this interview, we can see her nullifying the myth that mehwish hayat dance and Item numbers has been adapted from the neighbouring country.

Previously Hamza Ali Abbasi clearly criticized the item numbers in Pakistani movies on his show “Pakistan Star” but Mehwish said that this is what a movie is all about and it has been part of films since long.

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