Meesha Threatens PM Imran Khan Nephew Hassan Niazi

PM Imran Khan Nephew Hassan Niazi Lawyer claimed that Meesha Shafi threatened him for taking the side of Ali Zafar in a #MeToo movement and he hit back at her. PM Imran Khan Nephew Hassaan Niazi took to twitter and said that she has a typical Ayesha Gulalai mindset which has ruined the MeToo campaign and if she dares to blackmail him he will expose her.

Hassaan Niazi Lawyer, Nephew of PM Imran Khan has something to say about being threatened by Meesha Shafi and her team.

He added a hashtag #MeeshaUsingWomenCard too

Hassan Niazi also tweeted that Meesha legal team is putting forward fake witnesses against Ali Zafar and she told me to “get a life”?

Meesha Shafi Allegedly Threatens Imran Khan’s Nephew In #Metoo Case

Moreover, he also said that he will post the bank statements to show foreign funding. However, Meesha Shafi blocked him on Twitter upon which PM Imran Khan Nephew Hassaan Niazi said that instead of changing her legal team, she is taking out her frustration this way.

He also said that when you take an issue globally, you have to come out with clean hands. Well, three female witnesses have come forward against her and which were told that their sexual harassment case will only be taken if they accuse Ali Zafar for being harassed and tweet about Ali as well.

Hassaan Niazi said that funding taken for a cause goes wrong when spent in crime.

He further clarifies that he has never spoken a word against Meesha Shafi and neither did he become a part of the Ali Zafar team. He was blocked because he questioned the credibility of her lawyers. Moreover, he wishes her Good luck with the defamation case against Ali Zafar.

Hassan Niazi Lawyer kept tweeting about her being helpless when her friends and supporters did not boycott LSA 2019. He added everyone witnessed Ali Zafar becoming a star.

People are also supporting Hassan Niazi and Ali Zafar on Twitter and calling him a Pakistani star while Meesha is nowhere in the Stardom.

While Meesha Shafi tweeted saying he don’t even this guy…Interesting!

Well, things are getting uglier now. What are your thoughts about a Twitter feud between the two Meesha Shafi and PM Imran Khan Nephew?

Do share will us in the comment section below.

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