Meesha Shafi has recently challenged the Punjab Governor in Lahore Higher Court (LHC) for rejecting her case against Ali Zafar whom she accused of sexual harassment.

Reason For Dismissal of Case/Appeal:

Earlier Meesha Shafi had filled a complaint against Ali Zafar to the Provincial ombudsperson for sexually harassing her. But later on, her case was dismissed on that grounds that she had not an employer-employee relationship with Ali. So the case got rejected saying that it cannot be tackled on this forum based on the technical grounds.

She has now appealed against the decision of Punjab Governor. According to the lawyer of Meesha Shafi, Punjab Governor is a competent authority and he can review any kind of decision made my ombudsperson.

Moreover, they have upheld the decision of ombudsperson on 11th July. He has also dismissed the case of Meesha Shafi on technical grounds.

Meesha Shafi Case Rejected By Governor Punjab:

Barrister Ahmed Pansota, who is handling Meesha Shafi’s case in the court also communicated the facts with Justice Shahid Kareem. Barrister told the Justice that the complaint of his client was first rejected by the provincial ombudsperson in Punjab. Later on, when she sent her appeal to the Punjab Governor, they also dismissed her case on not having an employer-employee relationship with the one who she has accused of sexual harassment.

Meesha Shafi in response to her case dismissal filled an appeal in the Lahore High Court (LHC) saying that decision of Punjab Governor is “contrary to the law”. She has also requested the court to overturn the verdict.

Meesha has appealed to the High Court to initiate proceedings about her case of harassment against Ali Zafar.

Notices Issued To Punjab Governor, Ali Zafar and ombudsperson:

In response to her appeal, the high court has sent pre-admission notices to Ali Zafar, the provincial ombudsperson and the Punjab Governor. The high court will decide whether her petition will be maintained or not on the basis of the response from all of these parties. Till then the Meesha Shafi case against Ali Zafar for harassment has been postponed.


We wonder what will be the outcome of this case in future. Stay Tuned!

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