This article will provide you with 7 ways of meditation to calm your mind and soul so that you can easily focus on your daily routine chores. Meditation is a process that helps you calm your mind and soul and lift anxiety and stress off your shoulder. All you have to do is to take 10 to 15 minutes out of your busy routine and boost your energy through simple steps.

Meditation methods with 7 techniques

1. Guided:

In less time, you can meditate with the help of a trainer or practitioner which will help you to focus on your goal. Another way to adopt this practice is to follow the tutorials on YouTube to learn to meditate through visual images. With a little preparation, you can set your track to meditate well.

2. Breathing:

This form of breathing meditation is a traditional one. You have to give 10 minutes to do this kind of meditation. All you have to do is exhaling out oxygen through your lungs while making your posture still. This process will control and slows down your breathing pattern and eventually keep your body and mind relax.

3. Sound:

Sound meditation will make you focus on your inner peace. Just concentrate on any voice, vibration or the silence between the sound/music. Meditation through sound keep you away from stress and anxiety and promote your relaxation. All you have to do is to choose a voice, music or a tune and listen to it 15 minutes out of your daily busy routine. Picking one symphony or sound and listening to it daily on repeat will meditate your soul, body and, the mind.

4. Movement:

Movement meditation is a frequently adapted meditation. Movement meditation involves repetitive moving, dancing or walking with the same pattern on any beat of the song or music. Just choose a right and calm place to do movement meditation and your body, soul and mind will fall in one place. You only need to schedule time and place from your busy life. This meditation through movement with full focus will relax your mind and make your life easier.

5. Mette:

Love and kindness towards others are directly linked to your happiness. Mette meditation is a way through which you spread positive vibes while breathing deeply. You already know that anger, frustration, resentment and personal conflicts are the source of your depression, anxiety, and PTSD. So through inhaling positivity and exhaling out all the negativity, you will add up to your satisfaction and peace.

6. Mindfulness meditation:

Let me tell you that you can do this kind of meditation anywhere anytime. If you are waiting in long queues for groceries, you can meditate by relaxing your mind and breathing out anxieties. You have to focus on your tension areas anytime and release your stress through this mindful meditation.


7. Body Scan meditation:

If you have just started meditation, then this method will help you out. All you need to do is lying on your back, keeping your arms away from your body. Lying in a comfortable position while focusing on your breathing patterns will release your stress and divert your attention from tensions in your life.

Before meditating, you need to clear your mind. It involves closing your eyes and focusing on the breathing pattern. Just don’t let your mind wander and make your in and out breathing pattern the same. Adopting any meditation style will strengthen and calm your mind and soul.


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