Why My Male Designers in Pakistan is Better than yours ?

Fashion in Pakistan is a rapidly growing industry. And it is not just for women, with the rise of awareness in men regarding styling and dressing, men also look for fashion apparel that defines them. Gone are the days when Pakistani designers focused on wedding wear only and male models were used as fillers in the Fashion shows. Now male fashion designers in Pakistan are launching casual and formal male dress design lines in Pakistan too. Hasan Shehryar Yasin, Deepak Parwani, Nomi Ansari and Amir Adnan are among the oldest names in the male fashion design industry.


Pakistani Fashion Designer

The super creative fashion designers in Pakistan are tweaking the international trends with the traditional and cultural touch of the east. This amalgamation of the best of both worlds results in fashion-forward couture for men.


Deepak Parwani:

Deepak Parwani

Deepak Parwani is the most well-known fashion designer in Pakistan. With plenty of style awards including lux style award under his belt, Deepak Parwani is sure to deliver the best. Deepak’s specialty is wedding dresses and Haute couture for women and men.

Deepak Parwani’s fashion lines are a must appearance at fashion shows and ramps.  His traditional Menswear label is the best choice if you want to rock the traditional formal wear look. Many celebrities stick to Deepak Parwani for their exotic red carpet appearances. He is one of the best Pakistani bridal designers.



Ammar Belal:

Male dress design in Pakistan, ammar belal

Ammar Belal was 90’s famous model and a brilliant Pakistani male fashion designer. His men’s fashion wear has a distinct style. Ammar Belal did his masters in fine arts from the renowned Parsons School of Design in New York.

He started his career as a fashion designer in New York with a made to measure, one of a kind Denim label. Ammar Belal’s name is a brand in its self, his designer clothing label, Menswear by Amar Belal is acclaimed internationally as one of the best Pakistani bridal designers.



Amir Adnan:

Male dress design in Pakistan, Amir Adnan
Source: Express Tribune

Amir Adnan is the first international Pakistani men’s wear brand. He is the first person who played around with the traditional sherwani and brought it back to the limelight. Adnan is a major influence on the male dress design in Pakistan.

His fashion shows featuring the Amir Adnan grooms look splendid in the embroidered and accessorized ensembles. The brand is famous internationally for wedding dresses. Where ever there are traditional “Shadis” in the world there is Amir Adnan.



Ali Xeeshan:

dress designing, Ali Xeeshan

Another brilliant fashion designer in Pakistan and our personal favorite is Ali Xeeshan. Ali is known for his creativity, crazy color schemes, and not so traditional prints. If you are too are the kind of person who wants to express your wild side with the dresses you wear, go to Ali Xeeshan.  And viola, his studio is a treat to watch too.

Ali Xeshans creativity is reflected every year in the Lux style awards, where many celebrities chose to wear his out of the box designs.



Ismail Farid:

Male dress design in Pakistan, ismail farid
Source: Ismail Farid

The male dress designs by Ismail Farid are simple yet classy. The male dress designs he presents on the fashion shows are not just creative but wearable too.

So, if you are into keeping your style timeless than Ismail Farid is the best choice for you. Cool pieces from his collection of Men’s designer clothing will surely make way to your wardrobe. In simple words, he is one of the best Pakistani fashion designer in this list.



Hassan Sheheryar Yasin:

Pakistani designers, hassan sheheryar yasin, HSY
Source: Google

Hasan Shehryar Yasin is a famous fashion designer, like who doesn’t know HSY. The King of Haute’ couture. HSY is so well known, that he is literally a household name. People know him, if not for his beautiful dresses than for his charming personality and the interactive TV show “Tonight with HSY.”

Yasin HSY started off his career as a  fashion choreographer and went on to become an icon. His luxury label HSY is a splendid mix of color, intricacy, and grandeur. HSY is an international Pakistani luxury brand. Yasin shares a friendship bond with Deepak Parwani.



Nomi Ansari:

male dress design in Pakistan, Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari started his career in 2001, Ever since then, he has not only made his mark on the Pakistani dress designing industry, but his fame has crossed the borders.

Dress Designing Skills of Nomi Ansari’s are evident in his formal wear collection. With clients all over the world, he is known internationally for his classic designs and wedding wear.



Umar Sayeed:

designers in pakistan, umar sayeed

Since the last 20 years, this man has ruled the Pakistani fashion shows. Known for his Haute couture and luxury clothing, Umar Sayeed is a trendsetter fashion designer.

His signature formal wear collection for men includes embroidered jackets, wedding dresses, sherwanis, and shirts. Umar Saeed’s designer clothing is meant to make you the limelight of any event. 



Fahad Hussayn:


Presenting to you another personal favorite fashion designer Fahad Hussayn. He is a male fashion designer in Pakistan with an amazingly unique style. A Fahad Husayn piece screams his name. And even though Fahad Hussayn takes his inspiration from the daily life elements and the rich tradition, his collection is nothing close to traditional.

Definitely worth a try if you find it difficult to sport regular designs. Fahad Hussain’s menswear is made to stand out. His fashion shows are a treat to watch, many celebrities love wearing his designer clothing in award shows such a Lux style awards.



Aijaz Aslam:


Source: Google

Ajaz Aslam is a famous 90’s model, amazing actor, and a fashion icon. He is a great new addition to the fashion industry in Pakistan. As a fashion designer, he produces male dress design exclusively, for daily life and events. And it totally reflects his charm and persona.


There are several more Pakistani male designers that excel at a male dress design in the Pakistan fashion industry, Asim Jofa is one such name. Male dress designs by Deepak Parwani, Ammar Belal, Hasan Sheryar Yasin, and Amir Adnan are as unique and catchy as female dresses. The times when looking rugged were considered manly is over now, In the Lux style award era event to look trendy you can buy a Designer label denim and look classy rugged.

What are your thoughts guys? Who are your favorite male designers in Pakistan fashion industry? And is he better than our favorite designers for menswear in Pakistan?  Do share with us pertaining to male designers in Pakistan.

Maryam Kishwer

Maryam is a creative person at heart, Jack of all trades and master of none, but she prefers it that way. Mom to two amazing boys, a wanderers soul, dreamy-eyed painter, an early morning Yogi, and a writer.

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