Major Adnan Sami Twitter Account Got Hacked After Amitabh

Major Adnan Sami Twitter account also got hacked after Amitabh bachhan twitter by the same Turkish group and posted the same picture of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Well, yes you heard it right after hacking Amitabh’s account, hackers targeted the singer Adnan Sami’s twitter account too. Ayyildiz Tim claimed that they have hacked his Twitter account.

Adnan Sami has always been a trolling topic for Pakistanis. Adnan became the victim of the critics after he commented on the reaction of the Pulwama attack against Pakistan. So this time the Turkish Hacker group decided to take revenge on behalf of Pakistan.

Ayyildiz Tim is the Turkish Hacker group who accepted this responsibility again. This group changed the picture of the Adnan Sami Twitter account and replaced it with PM Pakistan along with an emoji of Pakistani and Turkish flag.

Major Adnan Sami

The group clearly delivered the message this time on Adnan’s account with their logo.

The message is “Whoever betrayed his beloved country Pakistan will have a picture of Prime Minister Imran Khan on its display picture with Pakistani Flag”.

Turkish group

Hackers have also expressed a wish of Major Adnan Sami to have a cup of tea with their neighbor country’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. The best part is that they have also tagged Imran Khan PTI’s official account in this tweet.

Ayyildiz Tim

Just like on the Amitabh Bachhan twitter account, hackers also expressed their remorse over the behavior of the Iceland Republic towards the Turkish Footballer.

Major Adnan Sami , amitabh bachhan twitter

Interestingly, the Turkish Cyber Army group also threatened the singer saying that they have many important data from his Direct Messages DM too. Well, that is quite alarming for Adnan Sami.

turkish group , amitabh bachhan twitter

Turkish Hacker Group is gaining popularity overnight and people have started showing support to this group. They are Thankful for this revenge on behalf of Muslims all around the world!

Ayyildiz Tim

Major Adnan Sami has become a center of twitter trolling and People cannot stop calling him Major!!

While others are busy in making Funny memes Like “Kyun Hilaa Diaa Naa”??

Well, this one is too much Relatable to the current situation!!

Someone Just edited the song Amitabh Bachchan and Adnan Sami did together and this is really funny!!

However, Adnan Sami has successfully recovered his account back. But let’s see who is next!!

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