Living Room Rug Ideas That Will Change Everything


“Your home decor says a lot about you.”, Well, yes it’s correct. Just the way your choice in clothing and food define who you are. Similarly, the way you dress and design your house also portrays little things about your personality. The way your sofas sit around in your living room, and the type of decorations you’ve set up can tell a lot about you. Although it’s more like a judgement and opinion which can be variable. However, your home says much about the person you are. This article is about one of your decor essentials, living room area rug ideas! Well, living room rug ideas are much needed since they can break or make the view. I’ve filtered out some amazing living room rug design ideas and living room rug color ideas. These living room ideas with rigs will help you decorate like a professional interior designer

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Why are rugs important?

Rugs are a crucial part of every decor. Hence, without rugs, the look seems incomplete. Rugs can brighten up the room or neutralize your decor. A comfortable piece of decor where you can sit and even lie down. However, ideas with rugs can be matched with your carpet or simply be placed on a bare floor. Either way, the rugs are like small pieces of decor that can add up to the overall look of your room. So let’s get straight into living room area rug ideas. 

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Gray All The Way: 

This decor set is eye-catching at first glance. There’s a subtle calmness in gray centered room area rug ideas. Gray tops the list of living room rug color ideas since it’s a personal favorite. As soon as someone walks into your living room they’ll get this certain cool vibe, since it’s a cool,neutral color. Moreover, gray gives a very sophisticated look to any kind of home decor. Either it’s your bedroom or your living room. A gray wool rug with a soft texture is all you need! 

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Pattern Oriented:

You can match the patterned rug and color of your rug to your overall decor. Either get the same for your sofas or just simply the cushions. Get a patterned curtain and to keep the look in balance add simple fabrics too.

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Autumn Feels:

A lively one from the living room rug ideas. More of a bohemian chic style for your living room. You can have an overall neutral, bold, gray furniture in your seating area. And if you think you can brighten up that dullness with living room area rug ideas. This is definitely the one! Completely printed, dark rugs to enliven a dull neutral living room. What a perfect living room design ideas to add prints to a simple decor. 

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Simply Chevron:

Chevron is a personal favorite living room rug design idea. Keep your furniture simple, bold black or brown. And to lighten up the decor, add colors to it. Throw in some yellow and baby bluish cushions or match it up with your chevron. On the other hand, the chevron will accentuate the beauty of the room with it’s delectable patterning. 

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Rich And Fancy:

Give your rug color ideas a rich touch. Base your rug design ideas around a certain color. Especially, warm tones as shown in the photo. The living room is adorned in blue tones all the way. To lift the look even more, an Aladdin-like carpet is placed. It looks fancy and sophisticated at the same time. More like an elegant decor, that makes it all look rich. 

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Pure Soul:

A very simple one of the living room rug ideas. All white decor, with a patterned rug. Rustic table and neutral to warm tones around. The perfect, cool to the eye decor. It’s even simpler to add this to your house decor. You can simply switch the fabric of your present sofas to white. 

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Safavieh For The Win:

Do you see how beautiful this rug looks? You can add this to the decor of your choice. This rug will simply look beautiful just sitting there in an empty room.

As soon as people step foot into your house, they will subconsciously make a quirky judgement about you and your family. If you have more yellow vibes, people will consider you a positive person. Neutral rug color ideas might define sophisticated personalities. So make sure your choice defines your style statement beautifully.

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