Lawn Pre-Booking is here Ladies, Are You Ready?

Lawn Pre-booking have been started as the summer is here, so is the beautiful lawn prints and lawn hype is growing among women with the time. Lawn is the fabric of spring, which every woman loves to make a part of their wardrobe. The labels have introduced beautiful lawn shirts with embroidered patterns Shalwar and Dupatta that has made lawn pre-booking undeniable. From admiring lawn shoots to spending hours on websites, trying to lock down favorite prints – lawn shopping is not less than an adventure.

Lawn Pre-Booking Goes Wild!

Lawn season arrives every year, and the trend of lawn hype pre-bookings are always at peak. You must have seen videos on social media of women shoving and screaming salesmen for their favorite suit and even though such videos viral every year, also especially during sales. While lawn season have begun a couple of days ago, most top designer brands are already boasting that their collection is sold out.

Luxury Lawn Hype:

Catalogs are scrutinized online; lawn suit images are discussed in detail and floated out onto Whatsapp and social media groups; designs are avidly pre-booked, having had ‘sold out.’ The colossal popularity of over-priced luxury lawn continues to prevail in our country, absolutely no denying it! Each year, millions are spent in destination lawn shoots

‘Destination’ lawn shoots in Thailand beaches, and other places are flown off to attract locals. These shoots are supposed to add glamour to the brand name, and it works great a lot of times.

Maria B., whose ‘Wadi Oasis’ lawn collection was shot in Dubai, explains that she is selling a dream. “The designs or the styling should ideally connect in some way to the location. I remember that when we created our collection with Ottoman inspirations, we especially went to Turkey to shoot for its catalog.”

Very soon, you will going to see Zainab Chottani lawn images from her trip to Italy, and we’re sure a lot is about to come in the next few days. We must say that a destination shoot does make lawn hype look different. Nevertheless, if the shoot only focuses on lawn and itself doesn’t show location, all the lawn hype doesn’t seem to attract customers.

Lawn Pre-Booking Process:

While you may think that shopping these lawn outfits is simple, you’re mistaken! The following is the lawn pre-booking process an enthusiast must follow.

First: Waiting for the brands to release their campaigns. While brands release their average design, lawn in the March first week, luxury lawn (high-priced) usually releases in the 2nd or 3rd week of March.

Second: After you have admired, attractive designs on billboards, catalogs, social media, one word: pre-booking. Stay tuned to brands social media pages where they will release the time (usually midnight) and date that their collection will be available to pre-book.

Third: From the moment time hit 12, select the suits of your choice, add them to your shopping cart, add shipping information, and confirm payment. Three minutes! Boom! Everything is gone. So you need to be very quick in adding all your shipping and payment details before it’s gone.

Quick-Selling Designer Lawn Pre-Booking

Here are some of the best designer’s lawn collections that are in high-demand.

Elan Lawn

Elan is a design house that has got immense hate, for having limited stock, since the arrival of their lawn collection this year with everything selling out within three minutes of their lawn pre-booking. Late? See the glass shattering now.

Elan’s designer Khadijah Shah said, “Our customers are our pride and joy! … They are free to be passionate about what they like, like people all over the world! … We’ve all seen mad sales abroad, whether at Zara, HNM [H&M] … kudos to women who go for what they want … and to Elan’s valued customers, guys I want you to know that there is enough stock …”

Cross Stitch

Cross stitch offering vibrant and colorful lawn collection at multiple price ranges. It is people’s favorite brand due to the variety they offer each year.

Saira Rizwan

Founded in the year 2007 Saira Rizwan has developed a leading brand in the world of bridal couture and Pret. She is one of the leading designers of Pret and bridal. Embroidered suits with a beautiful flower theme in her collection are truly amazing.

Faraz Manan

Revamp your wardrobe with the Faraz Manan collection. Lawn’s pre-booking began – if history repeats all of their stock will be sold out by 6:02.

Farah Talib Aziz

FTA’s prints are to DIE for. If you haven’t discovered the extensive lawn collection 2019, rush to the stores now!

Zainab Chottani

ZC is among the shinning designers of Pakistan. You guessed it! Her beautiful prints are sold out soon lawn pre-booking was announced. From unstitched to formal to bridal wear, this lady rules the fashion industry.

Crimson Lawn by Saira Shakira

Redefining the art of amazing party dresses and lawn, the elegant embroidery with the beautiful pastel shades look effortlessly chic.


Sapphire’s lawn is available in multiple price ranges and a hit each year. Luckily, the second volume is going to release soon. Drape yourself in the finest lawn fabric; ready to wear and unstitched.

Women Persevering Love For Lawn Is Phenomenal!

The reason women attacking each other, during the sale season, on the shop floors are that the designs and prints are available for a half/fraction of price and so the fight goes on…

Ladies, its lawn hype time, roll your sleeves up and attack lawn season.

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