Lawmakers from around the world of cricket gathered in London to take a break from the political world and participate in the inter-parliamentary cricket and leave the stressful work behind. However, two out of eight teams who participated in the inter-parliamentary cricket World Cup found politics following them in the competition in London.

Participants of Inter-parliamentary Cricket:

It was a four day tournament in which teams of lawmakers from Pakistan, England, Australia, New Zealand, India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan played in the field.

The England team will be working on its table for Brexit votes and debates and Pakistan have been criticized for traveling abroad to play cricket in a period of difficult economic conditions.

Chris Heaton-Harris, a British Member of Parliament (MP), is the one who has organized this tournament said that he love cricket because it brings so many people together at one platform.

This event of inter-parliamentary cricket has brought the parliamentarians closer in order to maintain a relationship between them and to celebrate Cricket World Cup which is taking place in England and Whales.

All the players in the team are enthusiastic amateur except one, Naimur Rahman from Bangladesh who is a former captain at national side. He said that when you are captain of a national team, everyone knows their positions of batting, fielding orders and position names. So it is not an easy task.

In this match six-overs, a warm-up was played which was followed by many sixes and dropped catches. Bangladeshi cricket fans painted their bodies and supported their politicians forgetting about their own World Cup and made a lot of noise and raised their national flag.

Heaton-Harris, who is a British Conservative Party politician said that Pakistan has been in the training camps and they actually fancied their chances to win the trophy by practicing with their national coach.

During this tournament, players travel around the world and move to different cricket clubs in London. The final cricket contest will take place in Kent County Cricket Club at Beckenham on Friday (12-07-2019).

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