Lal Haveli will be converted into a university as announced by Federal Minister for Railways “Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad” on Friday. Lal Haveli is considered as one of the historic buildings of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Sheikh Rasheed was a bookseller at that time in this area as he said on Friday that he used to sell books during his childhood in this area years ago. laal haveli is one of iconic symbol of Rawalpindi.

According to him his place for selling the books was a few meters away from the front entrance of this Haveli. And later in his life when he was able to buy this place he owned Lal Haveli. But now Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, Federal Minister for Railway have decided to donate this place for the future of this country. This is a great step towards the better future of Pakistan.

Lal Haveli History

If we look back to the history of this old building, then it was built by “Dhan Raj Saigol”. He belonged to a wealthy family from Jhelum and left for India leaving this building for his mistress named Bhudan Bai. “Bhudan Bai” belonged to Sialkot and Dhan Raj Saigol gifted this antique building to this girl before going to India. This has happened a hundred years ago. This is before the independence of Pakistan.


Dhan Raj Saigol utilized this Lal Haveli in an effective manner. He had a temple and a Mosque in the vicinity of this Haveli. He built a temple for himself and a Mosque for that woman “Bhudan Bai”. She left this place right after her brother was murdered there.

Lal Haveli is located in the central part of Rawalpindi near “Raja bazar”. Sheikh Rasheed further announced on 12th April that he is donating his all property and Lal Haveli for universities. He vowed that Laal Haveli will be soon converted into “Women University”. The public appreciated this decision throughout Punjab as we have a shortage of universities for students.

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