Lady Gaga Partners With Amazon For Her “Haus Laboratories”

Lady Gaga has announced to launch her makeup line from a new beauty brand named Haus Laboratories on Amazon and people are screaming for this global release. She has announced her Haus Laboratories officially in a video, calling it a badass Gaga.

Lady Gaga said in the video that “The last thing this world needs is another beauty brand and that’s too bad”. Next you will see some glorious moments of Lady Gaga and some glittery eyes, glossy lips and all the glam followed by toned, glamorous models.

The beauty brand “Haus Laboratories” comprises of three products, a lip gloss, lip liner and all over shimmer powder with a range of shades.

 Amazon Suitable For Her Beauty Launch:

In an interview Gaga said that her new brand collection will be sold on Amazon and of course it will be available on Prime too. She added the reason to take her launch to Amazon is that they gave her freedom to be herself.

Lady Gaga said that there are many companies who will see her, the way she sees the world and what she stands for. When such companies do not feel it going in their way they ask her to change the equation. She said her answer is No, No deal and a message of self-acceptance.

She appreciated Amazon that deal with this company was so wonderful. It was like “Let’s do it, let’s make a deal, and let’s change the world with this beauty.

Haus Laboratories is the first beauty brand to be launched By Amazon.

Her style statement is:

Beauty is how you see yourself, she says in the video. We want you to love yourself.

On Amazon, you will find it difficult to get some rare kind of consumer goods and Lady Gaga beauty product launch has raised many eyebrows. Officiating the incoming beauty brand Haus Laboratories of Gaga will be out on the July 15th on Amazon. You can pre-order your favourite kits and glossy lip liner on the Amazon Prime Day.

Lady Gaga Beauty Brand “Haus Laboratories”

According to the reports Haus Laboratories have aimed at mid-range of consumers to spread its beauty and glam. Lip glosses will be started from dollar $16 and palette with a price range of $49.  Two lip liners for $26, two lip glosses for $32 and two shimmer powders for $36 are the three duo sets that will make your life glamorous like Gaga’s.

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