Labour Day in Pakistan: A Day to Remember

labour day

Labour Day in Pakistan is announced as an Official Holiday around the country. As a public holiday around the whole country, it is marked by the rallies, protests and demonstrations. In some areas of the country, it is referred as a May Day and annually held on May 1.

It is a day off for the general population, business, schools, and offices (Government and Private).

There are many Labour Unions throughout the country working, which organize seminars, and invite the union leaders to give speeches on the topics like history of Labour Day and its importance.

Throughout the country, workers and unions arrange street processions, which shows solidarity and a bond of unity among the workers.

Labour Day conscience in Pakistan has improved over the passage of time. Since, it’s a developing country, the situation over the time has improved.

In Pakistan, Labours are not blessed with the rights they avail as compared to the rights they can face in developing and industrialized countries.

The Labours on the Street demonstrations, ask for more rights, better benefits and increase in their wages.

The Public Transport is less frequent on the roads because of the public holiday.

Pakistan’s first labour policy was made in 1972, in which it was officially declared that May 1 would be Public holiday.

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