Khalid Butt Broke His Silence Over Mohsin & Fatema Case

Khalid Butt is the man who introduced Mohsin Abbas in the industry and he finally broke his silence over the allegation of domestic abuse. Ever since, Fatima Sohail, posted her heart wrenching story of being a victim of domestic violence in the hands of her husband Mohsin Abbas, there are headlines all over social media.

A dilemma of this society is that they avoid such issues calling it “personal issues” between husband and wife, but frankly speaking domestic violence is not a personal one. It is destroying our roots and it may create a destructive attitude among our young generation.

Khalid Butt broke silence over this matter and whatever he said is significant in the case regarding Fatema and Mohsin. Khalid Butt has worked with Mohsin for the straight six years and he had so much to say about his behaviours in the past and his different aspects of personality.

Mohsin Abbas has previously worked with Banana News Network (BNN) and Khalid Butt was the anchor of BNN.

Khalid Butt said that he has witnessed Mohsin’s non-professional behaviour during the show. He also added that he has also heard him shouting and using abusive language on the phone. When Khalid asked him about his language and attitude, Mohsin insisted stubbornly that his actions were correct in this regard.

Moreover, Khalid Butt also revealed that even while playing cricket with Mohsin, he noticed his violent tendencies.

Khalid Butt tweeted that many Pakistani females have come forward to reveal that they are victims of domestic violence. They have to answer the whole society. He added that this is the time that we should all stand with such females, who are going through such painful experience.

He said that he is not aware of the whole story going over social media about Mohsin and Fatema.

But he is sure that Mohsin is a kind of person who have the tendency to hit a pregnant female.

People were waiting for a response of Khalid Butt, who introduced this man in the industry!

This man is Right On Point…Some Masks needs to be removed to save this society!

People needed clarity in this domestic violence case and Khalid said it all!


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