Kekra in Pakistani waters has been considered as among world’s three highly prospective wells, according to the reports of Rystad Energy. A resource has estimated the pre-drill perspective of Kekra well to be 1.5bn barrels of oil or equivalent.

Rystad Energy Discoveries 

While other two wells prospective that have been discovered and reported by Rystad Energy, an international energy research agency are the Shell-operated Peroba well off Brazil and the Total-operated Etzil well off Mexico. Shell Peroba well off Brazil has pre-drill prospective resource estimates of 5.3 billion barrels of oil or equivalent. Whereas, Etzil well off Mexico with pre-drill prospective resource estimates of 2.7 billion barrels of oil or equivalent.

According to the experts, if this estimate of Kekra, Pakistani well is going to be successful, then they will be the largest resources of 2019 in comparison to 2014. Rystad also explained that there is no sign of slowing down of these drilling for energy resources anytime soon. And according to reports the drilling will continue in around 35 high impact areas both offshore and onshore.

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Pakistani Kekra well and Global Resources  

However, if we talk about the global discoveries than in the first quarter around 3.2 billion barrels of oil as conventional resources. In February, the resources discovered are 2.2 bbo. In this regard ExxonMobile is considered as the largest reserve digging oil company which have made 3 major offshore discoveries. These 3 significant offshore discoveries constitute the 38% of the total discovered reserves.
Researches show that with these explorations around 2.4 bbo of the oil have been discovered by majors. The six largest exploration discoveries that have been revealed by majors comprises of around 150mmbbl of oil. And it is expected that the top three wells could hold more than 300mmbbl of oil or equivalent.

Total and Eni of European Union is also in line with this project and have successful offshore wells in South Africa, the UK, Angola and Egypt. While, the largest onshore discovery of the quarter occurred by Indonesia at Kali Berau Dalam gas named as “Repsol”.

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