Karachi Street Food Tour to Make Every Moment Count

Karachi Street Food tour will let you make every moment count as it is the best Pakistan Street Food in the world to taste a variety of food. Karachi is a city of food lovers! Home to a massive population, Karachi street food is paradise and a melting pot of people, from throughout Pakistan. There is no better way to enjoy other than exploring through street food. In this blog we have highlighted the best Pakistani street food you would love to enjoy. So if you think you have taste buds for adventure, Karachi street food has some of the best dishes to offer.

Karachi Street Food and its Best Dishes

Nihari for Breakfast

street food in pakistan

Nihari is a rich meat stew, and a favorite dish to enjoy in the morning. While you can eat it all over the country, many food lovers often say Karachi takes lead in the nihari department. So, how’s the idea to begin your day with one of the heavyweights’ food in the world; nihari?

‘Javed Nihari’, a legendary restaurant never disappoints you as it is one of the most respected nihari places in Karachi. People called it ‘’The king of all nihari places.” Keep reading to discover the best Karachi street foods. Without any doubt, Karachi has the best Pakistani street food to offer.

Fish Kata-kat

fish kata-kat


Fish kata kat is rare and found in a few places. This dish is onomatopoeia for a Pakistani street food dish, in which brain and other typically organs are chopped and mixed, using a thick metal spatula on a metal hot-plate, making the “Kata-kat” sound.

‘Mashallah Fish Kata-kat’ located in Karachi, sell one of the best Kata-Kat.  They are so quick that in just five minutes, a fresh batch of fish kata-kat is ready to serve.

Bun kebabs

Karachi street food , bun kabab

Your Karachi street food tour is incomplete without a bun kebab. Bun kebabs are popular among students or other budget-conscious people.

Hanif Super Biryani & Bun Kabab located in Karachi, in the extremely busy Pakistan Chowk, are known for serving the best bun kebabs. They take care of hygiene as well, which is the biggest concern of a street food snack. Also, you can grab a special bun kebab from Chai Wala near the Boat Basin in Clifton, best known for a variety they offer.


food street karachi

Pakistan street food is full of a variety of chaats. Feeling snacky? Chaat is a favorite and informal tête-à-têtes, described as a plate full of crispy carbs, puffy, filled with chopped green chilies, chickpeas, yogurt, chutneys, and some onions and tomatoes. Chaat, however, is as diverse as the Karachi street food itself and every community have its own snacking standard.

Again ‘Hanif Super Biryani & Bun Kabab’ takes the lead in offering the best chaat in Karachi.

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