Jeremy McLellan Got Banned From India After Trolling Modi

Jeremy McLellan announced on Twitter that he is cancelling his five days long trip to India after BJP won the election and his Indian fans are angry. Jeremy is an American stand-up Comedian, who loves Pakistan and call himself a “U.S Ambassador to Pindi Boyz”. We all are well aware about the Modi’s Palwama drama and his war mongering tactics.

Now, after BJP’s win, Modi Narendra is going to rule in India for the next five years too. He has won with a 2/3rd majority and Jeremy McLellan, hit back to his victory in a humorous way.

His love for Pakistan and its culture is not a secret anymore.

Jeremy mentioned in his tweet that he is cancelling his trip to India and it is better to go to Pakistan instead. After this tweet, Indian fans responded him harshly. However, Jeremy’s reply to all of them is quite humorous. Moreover, he said that he loves getting messages from his fans like these.

Jeremy kept roasting Indians by saying that he has received calls from Modi to change his mind regarding his tour to India. He sarcastically replied that he will think after next Indian elections.

Someone said that Pakistan is a failed state and told him to go to failed state. Jeremy replied to all of them beautifully.

Indian Journalist “Meena Das Narayan” also replied to Jeremy’s tweet in a hateful manner.

Jeremy McLellan, “King of Sarcasm” also shared a video in which he has received a letter from Modi Narendra and Indian fans hate him for these trolling now.

He keeps sharing tweets filled with foul language from Indian fans on Facebook and Twitter and enjoying their stupid response on his twitter trolling. Jeremy went so far in trolling the victory of Modi and so is his Indian fans.

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