Jeff Bezos Is Investing Billions In Space To Preserve The Earth

According to Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world with a net worth $125 billion. He is investing a lot in the space technologies through aerospace Blue Origin. He is of point view that it is important to invest in space as we are already busy destroying this planet Earth.

While talking on CBS Evening News, Jeff Bezos said that this investment is important for this planet and future generation. He has been thinking about this all his life and it is something he deeply care about as well.

Bezos quoted,

Passions Choose You and You Don’t Choose Your Passions.

He added that since childhood, Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and astronauts Buzz Aldrin fascinated him.

He said space technologies is a critical thing for human beings to have a long future and if we want this civilization to grow further, we need to go to space. He emphasized on securing and protecting this planet Earth. According to him, the population is growing rapidly and this specie is large in comparison to planet Earth.

Jeff Bezos fears that we are collectively destroying this planet through pollution, heavy industries and last but not the least climate change. We have been busy sending robot probes to other solar planets, which is a good thing. So, there is a need to preserve this planet for future generations.

He focuses on living and working in the space to make it possible.

Jeff Bezos Vision:

Bezos vision is to make Earth more residential. And in order to make this possible, it is necessary to manufacture highly sophisticated microprocessors and send these highly complex things back to Earth. The aim behind this thought is to stop making such products in big pollution generating industries and start making such products in a cheaper and simpler way in space. The goal is to mark the Earth zoned residential area.

With the help of Blue Origin, Jeff is making this thing possible, which would take 100 years and multiple generations without this technology. Through Blue Origin, he is working on developing such technology to preserve the Earth and save it from further destruction.

Is it Possible to live in Space?

So, the answer is Yes it is possible to live in space and we will be able to live soon in space, says Jeff Bezos.

Astronaut John Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth, who said that Bezos is doing a work which would make the space as common as air to travel. He gave Jeff a letter, in which Glenn has mentioned that with an epic work of Bezos, he saw a future when it would be possible to board spacecraft like Jet aircrafts.

Bezos said that this is possible like the same way buying a ticket and flying across the world on a jetliner now, which would be like unthinkable 100 years ago.

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