Jazz Smart Schools Programme: Digital Learning

Jazz started a “Smart Schools Programme” in October 2017 and it has become successful since the launch for the digital blending learning. Recently, in order to celebrate the success story of this programme a ceremony took place. In this ceremony the guests who commended the celebration were Shafqat Mahmood, Federal Minister for Education, Ursula Burns, VEON’s CEO, and Chairman and Saif Chi, Huawei’s CEO. They attended this special occasion and emphasis on the implementation of this “smart school programme” in all the middle schools of Islamabad.


This ceremony was lead in order to appreciate the performances of students during this programme. During the midterm examinations, 100 students who excelled received certificates and tablets from Ursula Burns and Mr. Shafqat Mahmood.

Jazz Smart Schools System

According to reports 38% of the school going students find it difficult to do basic math or to make a proper sentence in any language. Jazz has initiated “Smart School Programmewho have successfully been teaching more than 28000 students of Islamabad in almost 75 Public Schools. The plan behind this programme is to root out weaknesses in the school system of Pakistan. The Smart School Program has trained more than 800 female teachers which use tech and smart learning solutions to teach in the current curriculum. This system has actually improved the assessments of students along with the training capabilities of teachers being trained.

The Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood explained the fact that digital skills are essential to help students learn effectively. The digital education initiative is a way to remove the gap in academic system. With this program of Jazz Smart School, we can be able to bridge the digital literacy in Pakistan.

Since its two years of launch, the Jazz Smart School Program has shown a significant improvement in many areas. These grounds include student learning outcomes, teaching quality, student engagement, expanded use of technology, and improved accountability and monitoring of results.

Ursula Burns said that we can clearly see the results of this effort by Jazz and Pakistan Federal Directorate of Education that how they are determined to modify the schooling system digitally. Digital education is actually the future of Pakistan. She said that it is very appreciable to see the students of Jazz programme have taken it just like any other student of Silicon Valley.

She further added that we hope that this programme will be incorporated in school system throughout the country. And it is in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and Pakistan government’s strategic vision 2025.

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Digital blended learning platform is the one that focuses on the improvement of student learning by using smart learning solutions to increase the outcomes. Moreover, it is built in a way to increase the teaching methodologies. This initiative has taken place under VEON’s ‘Make Your Mark’ programme for digital sustainability.

Under Jazz Smart School Programme, 20,000 female students showed their improvement through a pre-test in order to check their current learning capabilities. Further, in the midterm they showed a remarkable performance. And after the external board examinations scheduled in April 2019, the formal results of this programme will be measured.



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