Jazz Pakistan All Set To Provide WhatsApp Self-Care Service

Jazz Pakistan, the largest telecom company has started to provide its users with a Self-care service through WhatsApp, messaging app. In this world of digital communication, a telecom company needs the assistance of new models to get in touch with its users digitally. In this regard, the world’s best messaging App, WhatsApp will act as a bridge between Jazz and the customers.

This partnership between WhatsApp and Jazz Pakistan, users will be able to send messages to the Jazz WhatsApp number. Hence, WhatsApp will be able to act as a self-care service portal for the customers.

Currently, this service is functional for the post-paid users only. Here, customers can easily connect with the Jazz WhatsApp channel by sending a message “Hi” to the number 0300-3008000.

The project has been created to ease its users, where post-paid customers may be able to get their billing information, pay their bills, gather the last generated Invoice information. Moreover, customers will be able to access the support of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answer session). Users will be able to make payments through simple menus.

All the conversations between the customers and the company’s WhatsApp portal will be free of cost.

This collaboration aims at providing the users with a complete conversational medium like WhatsApp, where even the daily problems of pre-paid users get resolved through interaction.

Jazz Pakistan and WhatsApp Partnership

Chief Customer Experience Officer (CCEO) at Jazz, Sadia Khuram said that keeping in view all the digital needs of customers, Jazz is committed to providing them with a facility of WhatsApp to act as a channel for social support.

She further said that all the customers are moving towards the world of WhatsApp and we are planning to provide them with a social care model instead of the traditional call center care.

Dino Ibrahimović, Managing Director Infobip MENA said that they are happy to help Jazz in facilitating their post-paid customers with a chat App that acts as the best interaction platform. Jazz has become the leader in the market by availing the opportunity to upgrade the customer care needs of users.

WhatsApp is one of the top messaging App in Pakistan with globally growing users. With the Jazz and WhatsApp partnership via Infobip as a world’s leading platform for communication and messaging, customers will be able to feel connected through mobile network operators to these entities.

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