Jazz and LUMS Collaboration For Disruptive Ideas

Jazz and LUMS collaboration launch recently took place at the LUMS campus in order to initiate the concept of disruptive ideas under the name “DisruptEd: Ideas that matters”. This new initiative aims at the innovation and digitalisation under the landscape of Pakistan. This programme is a speaker series, which act as a proper platform to encourage disruptive ideas and discourse. Moreover, this platform urges to connect different facets to create pathways in order to re-imagine and unlearn.

Jazz and LUMS Collaboration for a Digital Tomorrow

This evening was inaugurated by the CEO of Jazz named “Aamir Ibrahim” who talked about “Leadership in the Age of Digitalization”. LUMS Vice Chancellor, Dr. Arshad Ahmad addresses at the beginning of this event launch. He proceeded with a perspective that on which terms this national partnership between the two famous organizations will serve its objectives in the coming months. Dr. Ahmad welcomed Mr. Ibrahim to LUMS and thanked him for his support regarding the disruptive and innovative ideas under DisruptEd: ideas that matters.

Mr. Ibrahim then came up to the floor to deliver his ideas regarding the initiation. He introduced himself as the CEO of Pakistan’s largest telecommunication and internet company “Jazz” who has over 55 million subscribers and a leading business industry. Mr. Ibrahim communicated his vision about the digital giant like Jazz that they prefer to be the best industry rather than biggest to move forward after proper analysis.

Jazz CEO “Aamir Ibrahim” Address to the Audience 

While addressing this event for disruptive ideas, Mr. Ibrahim elaborated that although we are doing better than before, but we are not that much close to the targeted run rate. If we are scoring two runs before, we need to score more than two in order to make a difference in the future and to progress further to diminish the gap we are facing from centuries.

He said that we are facing challenges regarding a digital ecosystem as only one out of five Pakistanis are digitally literate. So this is an opportunity to reinforce the idea of being digitally literate.

Mr. Ibrahim further shed the light that DisruptEd ideas platform by Jazz and LUMS has a main purpose to create an effective forum to challenge one another and take the country forward towards success.

In an effort to create Pakistan digitally active, audience had the chance to ask many questions to Mr. Ibrahim.

He focuses on the fact that Pakistan has a positive future and we all need to work together to raise our voices to make the stakeholders, educational institutes, companies and the government, incorporate a technological infrastructure. In his opinion Pakistan deserves a better technological infrastructure and without that we cannot move forward.


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