ISPR Denies the Linking of Social Accounts Removed

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Facebook on Tuesday removed a total of 103 pages, groups and accounts that were involved in unauthentic behavior, said Nathaniel Gleicher. The Social Media group added that they were substantially involved in spreading propaganda against India and they were linked to Pakistan’s Military and ISPR.

After the made allegations, Inter-Service Public Relations (ISPR) approached Facebook. According to the Military Sources, calling those accounts military’s managed was literally disappointing up to unhealthy content.

According to the Local TV channels, ISPR not just denied the claims of those pages, accounts and groups but also questioned those allegations. Additionally, there were 15 Instagram accounts that were also linked to inauthentic behavior.

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Facebook’s Head of Cyber Security, Nathaniel Gleicher, said in a statement that, “Today we removed 103 pages, Groups and accounts for engaging in coordinated inauthentic behaviour on Facebook and Instagram as part of a network that originated in Pakistan”.

“Although the people behind this activity attempted to conceal their identities, our investigation found that it was linked to employees of the ISPR (Inter-Service Public Relations) and the Pakistani military.”

To which there was no immediate reply from the department, but the Pakistani ISPR stated on Wednesday. Facebook also shuts down the accounts that were involved in raising a voice against Kashmir issue. Since there was no office for the Social Media skyscraper in Pakistan, security forces added that they should open one to be better familiar with the context of this issue and Pakistan.

Facebook deleted 24 pages, 7 accounts, and 7 groups from the platform which had more than 2.8 million followers total. All of them were known to be linked with ISPR.


They are organized, well-resourced groups with a sense of purpose, we call them cyber armies. Nathaniel Gleicher briefed in a statement. He also added that the accounts were being removed on the basis of their behavior, but not the content they posted.

Not only it was Pakistan’s ISPR doings, Facebook removed a total of 687 accounts, being operated by the BJP officials in India, reportedly doing the same thing as of those in Pakistan.

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