Is Cricket Betting Popular in India?

Any other sports may or may not capture the Indian hearts, but cricket seems to be the exception to all. From streets to office hall rooms, to domestic living rooms, to college canteens, there is hardly any place here that has not been subject to cricket testaments.

So, the question of cricket betting popularity is seemingly apparent here, although its means are mostly restricted. However, many people relish the experience of the best online cricket betting in India.


Platforms for Best Online Cricket Betting in India

online cricket betting

To Indians, cricket is a way of life. You can drop cricket debates anywhere as an icebreaker, and it would work 90 percent of the time. And that makes India susceptible to luring betting scams and innumerable betting chain violence. Therefore, the betting system has always been illegal in India.

However, the online mode of cricket betting holds no alcoves of legality barriers. The government has never explicitly banned any type of online betting structure. Thus, Indian cricket betting enthusiasts solely depend on online platforms to experience the best online cricket betting in India.


Marketing Aspects and Potential of India as an online Cricket Betting Hub

The success and popularity rates of such marketing platforms go hand in hand. And the apparent affinity of India makes the harboring potential of the online cricket betting strategy. The reason the Indian market industry seems excessively enriched with potential for online cricket betting is:

  • Cricket is all raw emotions to Indians, and they like acting on their instincts and debating over cricket topics.
  • As most of the people here have carved a niche in the subject, they would like to make money out of it.
  • The online mode holds a little to zero chances of economic fraud.
  • The online cricket betting strategy involves no legal constraints, and thus, Indians can practice this method fearlessly.

Now, as we talk of statistics and marketing strategies:

  • As of 2019, the online sports betting industry is worth 12.5 billion US dollars worldwide.
  • It predicts this market growth to boost up to 17.5 billion US dollars by 2025.
  • The global economic hypothesis suggests that the online realm of sports betting systems is likely to overcome the brick and mortar betting systems real soon.

So, we see that even though Indian falls within the grey area of the betting industry:

  • It possesses the power half the cricket bets related profits three minor countries can project altogether.
  • Plus, the Internet supply lines here are relatively cost effective when compared to most of the western countries.

These two factors strongly contribute to the exhibit that online cricket betting is popular in India and can further enhance itself if steered in the right direction.


The loopholes to the sports betting boundaries in India

The Indian constitution is a sacred document, and hence must be followed. As we see, The Public Gambling Act of 1867 bans every type of sports betting structure in India; however, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

  • This rule circumvents the idea of brick and mortar betting industries, and online betting industries remain on rising.
  • You can choose any online betting company for a little cricket bet rush as long as that app or website holds no India headquarters.
  • However, this act only extends the right to bet on occasions of horse racing.
  • Plus, the central government has extended the powers of law customizations to the state in this affair. This means your state can decide whether to ban betting games.
  • For instance, Sikkim is the only state in India that has legalized sports betting like cricket betting and has introduced licensed gambling concepts.
  • Goa also extends the privilege of betting, but the betting system here is fancy via slot machines and poker tables. So only well-to-do families seem to be involved in betting here.


The current twist in the structure

As of 2020, everything transformed into a more accessible online version, and people paced up with the technology. According to the national surveys, Indians spent almost one-third of their entire day online. And this survey covered the ones that were not tech-savvy, subsiding the rising tech geeks.

  • This little data points out to a significant conclusion that 2020 has upgraded the technology usages here.
  • Meaning, the Indian betting market has witnessed a push in the right direction, and we only expect the craze of cricket betting to rise.
  • Plus, according to research, nearly 40 percent of Indians surf cricket betting sites every day.
  • An assumed figure for the online Indian sports betting market ranges across the intervals of 3 to 4 billion US dollars.

The Indian subcontinent has been profusely in a debate regarding cricket betting legalization since 2017. These specks of revolts brimming the market have issued some responses, and the most essential of them was that the Public Gambling act is soon to witness modifications.


Cricket betting is a billion-dollar industry, and almost millions are spent annually on online cricket bets. This is a crisp sign that this industry is a massive jackpot to the economy. And so you can expect a few modifications real soon; until then, all you have is the Europe-based online platforms to experience the best online cricket betting in India.

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