Invisible Killer: Air Pollution May Raise Risk Of Heart Diseases

Air pollution can bring drastic changes in your health and results in numerous heart diseases. According to a study it is found that air pollution may result in a risk of developing neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s to diabetes and atherosclerosis. These conditions results in hardening of your arteries.

Air Pollution and Heart Diseases

Let me tell you how air pollution can bring you closer to death. Air pollutants present in the air may prove fatal for human health and the whole planet. Clean, dry air comprises of nitrogen and oxygen in a proportion of 78 percent and 21 percent respectively.

Blood vessels which are busy supplying the heart with oxygen need clean air and pollutants in the atmosphere are harmful for health. There are airborne suspensions in the polluted air, which comprises of mists, smoke, dust, soot and fumes. These are the solid and liquid particles which are a significant part of pollution in the atmosphere and harmful for the health of all human beings.

Pollution is emitted from industries, burning of coal and oil in power plants. Moreover, the polluted gases released from the automobiles and residential heating system are factors which drastically impact our surroundings.

Research on Pollutants, an Invisible Killer:

Research shows that these ultrafine particles which are present in the air travel through the bloodstream when we inhale oxygen and reach to the heart and create inflammatory effects.

Impact on Coronary arteries:

In this way these particles reduce the efficiency of the heart to pump blood and raise blood pressure at the same time. Air pollution is dangerous to the function of the heart as it diminishes the blood flow through coronary arteries. Coronary arteries are the one which supplies the heart with oxygen and important nutrients.

Hence, high exposure to these pollutants lowers the efficiency of the heart to pump and results in an irregular heartbeat.


Researchers at the University at Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professions in New York revealed that long term exposure to the air pollution have increased the risk of atherosclerosis in at least six cities.

Atherosclerosis is basically plaque that stores inside the walls of the artery and with the passage of time increase the risk of cardiovascular conditions. These include high blood pressure, heart attacks, and heart disease.

air pollution

All the data have been obtained based on the proximity of the people residential area from the traffic and road sides. Additionally, their exposure to nitrogen dioxide, ozone and levels of other matters like smoke, dust and soot have been part of the above mentioned research.



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