Instagram Account Get Disabled-New Instagram Policy 2019

Now you will get notified from being banned on Instagram and you will be warned before your Instagram account got disabled under the new instagram policy. Previously, Instagram has started an “Account Disable Policy” and they received a lot of criticism for disabling user accounts without notifying them. Users found their account being shut down without prior notice when they launched their Instagram account.

Instagram will notify you before disabling your Account

Under the new Instagram policy, users will be notified for their accounts going to be banned with a pop-up notification.

This new Instagram policy will let you know that your account is at risk of being disabled. You can also be allowed to make an appeal for your deleted content. Under this new change, you can also make an appeal for your disabled account without clicking on to the Help Center.

You can see the new Instagram policy in this image below.

Instagram account

Reasons that your Instagram Account May Be Banned:

Moreover, the mentioned appeal is available for the moderation decisions of certain categories. The content deleted for violations of our nudity and pornography, bullying and harassment, hate speech, drug sales, and counterterrorism policies fall under this appeal.

Instagram also revealed that in the future, the capabilities will be expanded to other categories as well.

This time social network is changing the way it is going to ban accounts. Previously, Instagram used to ban or disable accounts based on the certain number of violations. According to the new policy, if a user is responsible for a certain amount of violations, then the account will be banned within a window of time.

According to the new Instagram policy, if you are found guilty of multiple violations in a short span of time, then your account will be banned.

Instagram made an announcement and according to the statement, the change will help them to enforce the policies consistently. This will hold users accountable for what they have posted on their Instagram which is not according to their mentioned policies.

The new Instagram policies show that how much the company is focused on providing the users with a platform which is “safe and supportive place.”



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