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At least 8 infants died, in a tragic incident on Sunday. When the air conditioning unit in the pediatric ward of the District Headquarter teaching Hospital Sahiwal broke down.

Additional health secretary Rafaqat Ali confirmed that 8 newborns died in 24 hours. But he claimed that, 5 out of 8 children died their natural deaths, when the AC was functional. While 3 died after the AC unit stopped working, due to the negligence of the hospital staff.

The Deputy Commissioner Sahiwal informed the Secretary of Punjab Government’s Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department, about the incident in a written letter. According to him on his visit to the District Headquarter Teaching Hospital, he noticed the air-conditioning unit in the nursery was not working properly.

Parents and relatives of the deceased infants staged a protest against the hospital and called for immediate action to prevent the death toll from increasing.

The Facility’s Medical Superintendent accepted the fact that children died because of the non functional AC unit, but he denied negligence on the part of hospital staff.

Chief minister Punjab Usman Buzdar took immediate notice of the tragic incident at district headquarter hospital Sahiwal, and ordered to form a special committee to probe further into the issue.

Usman Buzdar took to famous social media platform to show solidarity to the grieving parents:

The enraged twitter audience did not shy away from showing their anger and mistrust:

And this guy who is done with mis administration:

The lady was quick to point out the right course of action:

Awam is not buying the committee will do “tehqeeqat”, which has become more like a catchphrase:

Maryam Nawaz played the political card, and reminded the Awam of the “Golden Era” of Khadim e Aala:

We keep on protesting and then forget until another incident happens, more innocent deaths and more inquiry committees are formed, and after some time we forget again. We hope the tiny little victims of District headquarter teaching hospital Sahiwal, and the bereaved parents get justice.

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