Indoor Plants: Air-Purifying Plants To DeStress Your Home

Our environment and the air we breathe in is polluted with different kinds of chemicals and airborne pollutants. Since indoor plants are oxygen factories they can help clean out the air. There are many beautiful air-purifying plants, that not only add to the aesthetics of your house but will also benefit your health. Besides adding to the beauty of your living rooms, they’ll de-stress your home and make you feel relaxed. 

Our bodies can only live up to 3 minutes without oxygen, which means we’re constantly breathing in oxygen through the air. However, the other chemicals and pollutants automatically make their way into our air passageways when we inhale. If the air we breathe in is purified it can reduce the risk of stroke, lung cancer, heart disease, and other respiratory diseases. Therefore, it is beneficial to keep your house filled with greens and air-purifying plants to detoxify and de-stress your environment. 

1. Devil’s Ivy:

destress your home, indoor plantsThis indoor plant is easy to grow and can fight toxins including trichloroethylene, benzene, and formaldehyde. You can either place it in floor pots or use hanging pots to support its tendrils. 

2. Peace Lily: 

destress your home, air-purifying plantsThis plant doesn’t require much-taking care of. This plant not only de-stresses your home but is also peaceful to look at. No wonder this air-purifying plant is named Peace Lily. This will detoxify the air from carbon monoxide, trichloroethylene, xylene, and other chemicals.

3. Spider Plant:

air-purifying plantsThis indoor plant is known to be able to grow in any kind of temperature and weather. They live on indirect sunlight and wouldn’t require much pampering either. Their pretty green color beautifies your house, especially with white or black decor. Efficiently fights the xylene and formaldehyde in your air. 

4. Boston Fern: 

de-stress your homeThis cascading, sword-shaped fern will look beautiful on hanging baskets or wherever you find suitable. This air-purifying plant requires you to mist it regularly and place it in indirect sunlight. 

5. Aloe Vera: 

de-stress your homeThis indoor plant will not only de-stress your home and purify the air, but can also be used for your face and your hair. Keep it in a sunny window sill or your balcony.

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