Indonesia has made a weird announcement to wake the Muslims for Sehri meals using Fighter-Jets in the Holy month of Ramadan. Well, Fighter Jets sonic boom is quite loud, even at the lower altitudes and this may be the reason that the Indonesian government has decided to use this approach to wake people for Sehri.

In this Holy month of Ramazan, usually people of Pakistan get the help of “dhol wala” to wake people for Sehri meals. But Indonesian Air Force reaches the twitter to announce that they are keeping this tradition alive and they will be using “Fighter-Jets” to let people wake up for fasting in Ramadan.

Indonesia Air Force Tweeted

The Jakarta Post reported that Indonesian Air Force tweeted about this announcement. The tweet reads that

“God willing, we will carry out the tradition to wake people up for Sehri using fighter aircraft”.

According to other official’s tweet, training of fighter jets will soon be conducted in certain cities of Indonesia on Java Island, namely Surabaya in East Java, Surakarta, Klaten and Sragen in Central Java and Yogyakarta.

Moreover, Air Force spokesperson Col Sus M Yuris said that this announcement is not just for the sake of the tradition, but also to make sure that personnel of the air force do not train during the fast.

The aim behind this announcement is to make sure that Fighter pilots do not run aircrafts while in the state of low blood sugar levels. Officials stated that Indonesia is the largest Muslim Country with a population of around 267 million Muslims along with 80% adherent of Islam.


This is how low flying fighter jets will make roar in the skies to produce thunderous noise to wake the Muslims for Sehri.

This training program at dawn was started years ago by the Air Force. For this purpose, the two types of aircrafts will be in use are F-16 and T5oi.


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