Imran Abbas Responded To Criticism For Posing With A Lion

Imran Abbas, a Pakistani actor faced heavy criticism when he posted a picture on Instagram posing with a Lion “Simba”, and people called it animal abuse. In the picture, you can see him with a Lion on some terrace of a residential property and people have so much to say about keeping an animal in this way. People judged him quickly for keeping a wildlife animal in confines without knowing facts. Imran abbas Instagram pic can be seen below.

However, Imran Abbas responded to the critics through another video with Simba, the Lion to tell the people that they are keeping good care of wildlife animals. In the video, you can see the Lion and Imran shows compassion and affection towards each other.

Imran Abbas and Simba

In order to break the critics’ judgment towards him, he told the world about this animal in their possession. He told the world that this is Simba who was rescued when he was a 3 months old cub. Since then they are taking good care of this cub, who is now grown up.

He clarifies to the people who are so much concerned about Simba that he is neither caged nor malnutrition. They are keeping Simba in a natural habitat on a farm and he was sent to his home once. Moreover, he also elaborated the reason why they have not sent him back to the jungle because Simba, the Lion loves human beings. Simba feels more comfortable to stay with the owner and cannot survive without him.

In a video with Simba, Imran Abbas also added that he is thankful for the concern of people about wildlife animals. He also assured his fans and critics that Simba is well pampered, well-bred and no drugs have been given to this lion as he is well-taken care.

We all know that in the era of social media where you get frequently updated with the issues circulating around you, people judge quickly. Well, it brings a positive and a negative vibe to you and you get updates of your favorite celebrity’s life in no time.

What are your thoughts on Imran Abbas videos with Simba, the Lion? Share your concerns and thoughts about this gesture in the comment section below.

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