Imam-e-Kaaba Gave Friday Sermon and Led Friday Prayers


Islamabad: Imam-e-Kaaba Dr. Sheikh Abdullah Ahad Al-Juhany led the Friday Prayers after giving the Friday Sermon in one of the biggest mosques, Faisal Mosque.

The Imam-e-Kaaba, arrived in Islamabad on Thursday and he was warmly welcomed. He also attended a seminar at International Islamic University, further scheduled is to attend Paigham-e-Islam Conference on Saturday and Sunday and attend a dinner with the Pakistan Ulema Council on April 15.

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The Friday Sermon was attended by thousands of citizens residing in the Twin cities from the various circles of life joined the Sermon and flooded the Faisal Mosque with their manpower. This man power also included prominent figures from all over the country to  attend the Imam-e-Kaaba sermon.

In the Friday Sermon, Imam briefed that Islam teaches us peace, love and harmony through following the examples of noble prophets. Islam focuses on the teachings of brotherhood and greatly emphasized to focus on the rights of people, he said before the Friday prayer

In the ending statements, he great fully thanked the Government of Pakistan and the nation for the warm welcome and added beautifully the attachment of both nations, Pakistani and Saudi’s with each other.

People should believe in the faith of Allah, he briefed and said further to be prepared to reap the fruits of the upcoming Holy Month of Ramadan. Ramadan is the most significant month among others as in the month of Ramadan, the deeds of goodness which include offering prayers five times a day, giving out donations among the charity etc.

Additionally, for peace and prosperity of the Country, special prayers were offered by the Ummah.

Faisal Avenue, the capital’s main road which leads straight to the Faisal Mosque, was drowned with men, women and children since morning. The passionate were advised to park their cars 1 kilometre away from the mosque, because of the security reasons.

During his stay in Pakistan, he will also spare some time in Lahore where he will offer prayers at the Badshahi Mosque. 

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