Hypertension: Environment Impacts, Risks & Prevention

Hypertension causes the risk factors which are fatal for health. A study concludes that there is a relationship between the living place of people and the risk of developing stress and hypertension and some sort of metabolic syndrome. The study also reports that the environment impacts like location and type of place where people live plays an important in hypertension.


High Blood Pressure:

Hypertension, high blood pressure affects almost 1 in 3 adults. The metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions which is due to hypertension. It includes excess body fat, high sugar, high blood pressure and abnormal level of cholesterol in the blood.

Obesity & Diabetes:

The basic risk factors for metabolic syndrome involves obesity, increasing age levels, some genetics and also diabetes. These all are the risky and hazardous factors of hypertension which are bad for health. Smoking and dietary factors like high intake of salt, drinking too much alcohol and also stress. Hypertension and metabolic syndrome both are the fatal ones, affecting the number of people every year.

Multi-family Homes:

Hypertension is also because of living in multifamily homes. There is a difference between living in flats and private single-family homes. Researchers look at the relationship between these factors and arterial hypertension. They test the high-level lipoprotein cholesterol, obesity and high blood sugar. They gathered the data from questionnaires taken by the people around 1354 individuals. They all had lived at the same place for almost 10 years.

The questionnaires covered many factors like education level, alcohol intake, smoking status, physical activity, high blood pressure and lipid-lowering treatment.

Researchers said that they have found a protein that may prevent diabetes. The study also concludes that protein may reverse type 2 diabetes.


If exposure to pollution is higher than normal then this also increased the risk of hypertension. They also conclude that the people living closer than 200 meters to a road also increased the risk of severe hypertension.


Researchers also report the distance to the nearest green places. They said that exposure to green places is necessary to prevent hypertension. They also report that long term exposure to air pollution increased the risk of having lower high-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

All the researches and report concludes that we should regulate as soon as possible the development of green places, adjust the noise and air pollution.

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