Huawei Trade Ban Will Create a U.S Security Threat: Google

Huawei trade ban is a real threat to the U.S security and this fact has been revealed by Google recently which has raised many questions. Google has warned the Trump administration about the risk, they will be facing if Huawei will be stopped from having access to the Android Updates.

The facts have been revealed that if in case, Huawei would not be allowed to use the Android in the future, U.S security will be impaired. We all know that Huawei is planning to launch its own operating system as a plan B.

Last month, Trump administration announced the national emergency situation related to Huawei trade ban and forced Google to cut off ties with this Chinese company. U.S authorities blacklisted Huawei and decided that Android updates would not be available in their handsets too.

Although, Trump administration lifted the ban for 90-days to allow the Chinese company to settle down. As a result of this 90-days ban lift, Huawei announced that they will soon launch their OS if the ban continues. According to the Financial Times, Google is also asking from U.S to extend the ban as an excuse.

Google and U.S needs Huawei

Recently, Google has expressed his fear of security being compromised which may prove contagious for U.S system. Huawei is also working on good terms with Google to find a way out of this trade war bubble. Chairman of Huawei, Liang Hua said that they will develop their own operating system and ecosystem in the long term.

Huawei is not directly communicating with the U.S by Google on its behalf may negotiate at some level in the future. However, if they would not have access to Android, the giant tech will start making its own OS in a faster timeframe too. Well, Google may face a lot if the deal with the U.S government does not settle down. Huawei can become the second largest Google customer too.

Huawei has recently started working with a telecom company of Russia to create a 5G network. Google business run on the basis of a collection of Android users data and provide services regarding advertisement. This is great news as the U.S has made Huawei a security threat and forced its allies to stop working on this project of 5G.


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