Huawei OS (Operating System) Launch Date is Not Decided Yet

Huawei OS launch date for the replacement of the Android OS is not coming out next month as it has not been decided yet by the company. The new operating system of Huawei named “HongMeng” that is going to replace the Android OS after the Huawei ban from Google is not going to roll out in June.

On 20th May, Google announced to cut off ties with Huawei partially after it has been blacklisted by U.S as a result of the Trump executive orders. However, they lifted the ban for 90 days until August after the partial cut off from the Android operating system.

As a result of this ban, many tech companies decided to stop working with Huawei. The companies who have stopped dealing with this Chinese company are Intel, Qualcomm, Micron, ARM, Bluetooth, SD and other Wi-Fi alliances.

Huawei OS is a Plan B

Managing Director and Vice President of Huawei Enterprise Business Group Middle East, Alaa Elshimy said

“They were well aware that this is coming and they were fully prepared. In January 2018, their own operating system OS was prepared and ready to be rolled out as Plan B, if in case anything like this happens. Moreover, he said that they were in close relationship with the Google and they did not plan to bring OS in the market. He further said that now we will launch it in next month.”

However, the date to launch the Huawei OS is still not known and it will be between 2019 and 2020. Just like Android, Huawei OS will be compatible with many devices. These devices include mobile phones, computers, tablets, TVs, connected cars, smartwatch, smart wearables and others.

Elshimy said that Huawei OS will be able to work with the all the applications just like Android and there will be no need of further customization. Users will be easily able to download apps from the Huawei AppGallery.

Huawei AppGalley will have all the apps which feature on the Google’s Play Store. In the past, many OS lags behind the Google and Apple app store offerings like Windows Phone and Blackberry OS. However, if the Huawei’s new upcoming OS “HongMeng” fails to provide any key app, users will not be convinced by the software.


Elshimy said that when it comes to chipsets and operating system, we are totally independent. However, we don’t have Intel chips for the PCs and the processors. In the market, all the storage players are using the Qualcomm and Huawei is the only Tech giant which has its own chipsets.

Moreover, Huawei ARM-based processor is soon going to replace the Intel chip and will launch its database soon.

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